Private Tour) Night Desert Safari, Camel Ride, Dune Bashing. 2020 ...

The best time to travel the desert is at night.

You can use the stars for navigation; for example, if you look at the brightest star, directly above your head and it gets closer and closer, you are traveling upwards and not sideways, backwards or forwards like you should be.

And, don’t think it won’t happen. I heard about this guy who was out in the Arizona desert and lost his sense of direction. Instead of backwards and forwards, he traveled backwards in time and then couldn’t figure out how to get back. What could he do? He had a nice steak and then found his younger self and warned him not to buy a BetaMax. But, I was sure I was going north. Ever-present were deadly insects who would burrow under your skin and lay their eggs which traveled into the capillaries in the brain. They would hatch by the millions, writhe around up there and trick you in to buying bitcoin. Fortunately, I was wearing a hat. My camel was not so lucky. His hat was lost somehow Secret corners of Morocco to discover in 2020when I killed and ate him. The only thing between me and starvation was the food that I had. Angry Arabs would often race across the dunes at me and demand to know why they were in North Africa. I would share my food with them and they would tell me stories of the desert, which were dishwater dull because usually NOTHING HAPPENS IN THE DESERT. They taught me to use the stars to determine which way south was, but that was useless because I was going north. But, I was sure I was going north. It might’ve been the way the wind was blowing, a scent in the air or maybe the “Welcome to Morocco” sign I passed. I don’t know what language they speak in Morocco but I’m pretty positive it isn’t Japanese. I’ll take the city roughly, take what I need and then leave cab fare on the nightstand. It would take a bigger city than Morocco to break me… although Fort Worth came pretty close, once.

I searched Morocco for days. Despite my familiarity with the language and the customs, I could not find a Chuck E. Cheez anywhere. Someone told me about a tramp-steamer I could take home but I knew my mother wouldn’t approve…

So, I took a red-eye… I always travel at night…

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  1. I read that book about the vigilante Florida man and one of the gross things the Florida man did to kill one of his bad guys that broke his moral code was to shave his head (with lots of cuts) and have these bugs burrow inside the guys brain and lay eggs to reproduce. That whole concept – just – ewwwww. Thank GOODNESS you had your hat on.

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