Still More Holiday Tips

[At brief pause in my saga on love] To enjoy the holidays, first ask yourself, “what is important to you?”. Is it family? Is it success? If it’s donkeys, you probably don’t understand the question. ◙ In your mind, visualize what a perfect Thanksgiving dinner would look like; then, invite your family, anyway. ◙ Remember: […]

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Love and other bad ideas, pt two

[Part One is Here] “Waiter!”, I called, “a shot of gin with a rabbit embryo floating in it and give the lady whatever she wants” Hands on hips, she admonished me, “We aren’t at a table and rabbit embryos don’t float”. So, she was well-educated and familiar with the specific weights of rabbit embryos. What […]

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Love and other bad ideas, Pt one

Love and Other Bad Ideas The Bloom of Love is Like a Visit to the Reptile House and All the Glass Cages are Broken… Setting: A singles’ bar… I suppose. I’m not really sure what a singles’ bar is. I’m pretty sure that they cannot legally throw out married people, but maybe peer-pressure would force […]

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