Which Chinese Element are You?

As in Western astrology, Chinese astrology associates groups of signs with classical elements. For those who study Chinese astrology and analyze the relationships between birth year and cycles of nature, I just want to say, with great admiration, “Why are you wasting your life?”. Depending upon what element you were born under, you might have […]

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Writing Tips!

Write every day. If a million monkeys with a million typewriters can eventually produce Hamlet, you should be able to write something that isn’t total crap because–are you dumber than a monkey? Write what you want to write about instead of what the market demands. This way, you can keep your integrity, which can be […]

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On This Day!

[This is a concept I played with for a while.  Please let me know what you think]     Jaws was released June 20, 1975 and THAT was the last time many of us stepped into the ocean. Besides some dynamite acting and some jump-scares that were positively cruel, the movie had a giant robot […]

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Trumpland, a Future Retrospective

I obtained the gift of prophecy after I was bitten by a radioactive gypsy. Lately, images of our immediate future have been flooding my mind and I HAVE TO WARN THE PEOPLE!!! I predict… A border wall will finally be built between the United States and Canada, but Americans will continue to escape. Russia, China, […]

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A Deep Honest Look into Me

  I don’t officially post on the weekends, so I decided just to post something personal. Something that helps you learn the real me; because, my ego is just that big… What genre of music does Charlie listen to? Simple: Clown music. That’s right. It might be Pagliacci or the Insane Clown Posse or Alice […]

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Compulsory Lungfish

I’d naturally assumed that I’d done at least one essay on each of the millions of species of animals in the world; however, calmkate proved me wrong. So, for those of you with that particular gap in your knowledge, I give you… The Lungfish!

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