A Little Bad Joke

My cousin showed me his dog which was missing one of his front legs. He was so proud. “You see this here dog?”, he told me, “This here’s a yard-dog” “So, he sleeps outside at night?”, I asked. “Naw, he sleeps in the house with me and the wife” “Then, why do you call him […]

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I am Hunter!

I’m a hunter.  You know… aim, shoot, aim, shoot, aim, shoot, sorry about your car.  Every weekend, I go out into the woods and kill any animals that I’m legally allowed to, plus any poorly-tended livestock I come across.  I AM A SPORTSMAN.  My ball is the bullet; my arena, the forest; and, my opponent […]

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Things I Hate that are Yellow

Banana: The banana looks like no other fruit. And, when something looks nothing like anything else that it is, it probably isn’t that (if you read that sentence backwards it actually makes MORE sense). My theory is that those black dots that go the length of the banana are a spine. It bruises when you […]

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Things I Hate that are Blue

Smurfs: Frank Herbert in the science-fiction series, Dune, invented an entire culture and vocabulary. Anthony Burgess created an entire language in A Clockwork Orange. The Smurfs simply replaced random nouns, verbs and adjectives with the word “smurf”. That is really smurfed up… The Sky: Tornadoes, hail, lightening, comets… just some of the many gifts we […]

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