Book Excerpt: Part Five

Donkeys were domesticated three to five thousand years ago, although you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They are members of the foul-tempered little horse family of mammals, along with the kiang and the Irish Setter. Donkeys are mentioned in the Bible, Koran, and the Buddhist Sutras; although, they had very little input into […]

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Things that No One Will Ever Ever Say

“…and I am happy to present this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics to Marjorie Taylor Greene” ֎ “I can’t decide between spending the long weekend at that church retreat and seminar or watching seventy-two hours of pornography” ֎ “Oops, your gum fell into my hair. Let me get you another piece” ֎ “Your nasty sarcastic […]

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Book Excerpt, Part Four

I’m not sure when I’m going to wake up. I’m sure the weed has worn off by now and I am being willfully unconscious. But, sleep has advantages over being awake. For example, I’m not very attractive but when I’m asleep, everyone agrees that I look like an angel. If I sleep long enough, I […]

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