Fax About Foxes

Foxes are of the family Canidae and genus Vulpes. Of all the canines in the animal kingdom, foxes can be thrown the furthest… ☺ The smallest species of fox weighs about two pounds… the largest weighs in at twenty pounds. So, if you are estimating postage on mailing a bunch of foxes to someone, for […]

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I’m NOT Sorry

[Don’t blame me.  Deb and Robyn made me do this one] I’m not sorry I finally screwed up the courage to tell your wealthy aunt what I thought of her. I AM sorry she was on the toilet when I did it… ♥ I’m not sorry I gave you my honest opinion of your latest […]

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I’m Sorry, But…

I’m sorry I terrified a bunch of children by acting like I was violently insane; I truly thought I heard hiccups. ♦ I’m sorry I watched Friday the Thirteenth with your kids but I felt that it was well past time that they learned about eye-gouging. ♦ I’m sorry I made you jealous by paying […]

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