August 12th, this Day in History

Night of Murdered Poets. In Soviet Russia thirteen Jewish poets were put on trial for espionage. Just Stalin’s way of thanking a population that gave its all to beat back Nazi Germany. The thirteen pleaded their cases in front of a jury of their peers, although, in this case, their peers were a three military […]

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The Uncountable Grains of Sand

  [This is a response to a challenge by Raynotbradbury to expound on the uncountable grains of sand. I’m making it today’s post so that I can disappoint TWO groups of people at the same time] Some think that the grains of sand cannot be counted, but those people are quitters. We need to count […]

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Well, This is it

The final part to the first chapter of my blockbuster novel, The Moosehead Stratagem.  This is the powerful billionaire part of the book where we see that money and power go hand in hand until a secret agent shoots those hands and saves the world:  The Moosehead Stratagem: Chapter One, Final Part: The Edge of […]

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And Now… the Assassin!

This is the fourth part of the first chapter of the third book I ever wrote.  The ruthless assassin, Resnick Tucker Resnick, in The Moosehead Stratagem, Chapter One Part Four.  For those who like that sort of thing, here are two people being menaced by a giant ant…     The first installment is here:  […]

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