Olio Quartet

There are some people whose dreams foretell the future. My dreams foretell the present; for example, I dreamed once that I was on a cruise ship and I suddenly fell overboard. When I woke up, I was in the ocean and the ship was slowly moving away from me. Another time, I had that dream […]

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How to Wake Up Without Caffeine

Get Moving: Any form of activity will help wake you up… especially groggily falling downstairs, which is inevitable without your morning coffee. ☻ Morning Exercise: Try running. Because nothing wakes you up quicker than a torn Achilles tendon. ☻ Take an Ice-Cold Shower: The coldness of the water will preserve your body after the inevitable […]

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I’m touched. Thank you for remembering my birthday! Sure, my birthday was actually two months ago, but thank you for remembering that I have a birthday at all. The card you sent was great, along with the request for a loan until next Monday. That’s called “multi-tasking” and it is beautiful… As for your lovely […]

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