Money-Losing Ideas I’ve Had

A chain of strip clubs at nudist camps all over the world. ☻ An on-line dating service specifically for people who don’t own computers. ☻ A non-OSHA version of Minecraft where the ceiling caves in at random and no one bothers to look for you. ☻ A line of low-calorie enemas. ☻ Rememberance of Things […]

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Things You Shouldn’t do Naked

Rivergirl posed this question for her supposed readers. I’m taking it more seriously than most… Give a deep-tissue massage to a snow man. ♥ Hike the trails at Nevada’s Cactus and Stinging Insect State Park. ♥ Start a reasonable and well-thought-out debate on the International Monetary Fund at an outlaw biker bar. ♥ Stroll across […]

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The way the interior of a building is arranged is called a “floor plan”. I can tell you from experience that most floors don’t have a plan and just wait until the last minute and “wing it”… ♣ Floor Jansen was the lead singer in the thrash metal band, After Forever. Her powerful operatic voice […]

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