Republican Ideas for Healthcare Reform

  Allow people to buy insurance across state lines provided they can get sick in both states. Emphasize preventative care, mostly by raising your voice when you tell the working poor: “You also can’t afford PREVENTATIVE CARE”. Reduce the requirements to become a medical doctor to watching six episodes of Quincy. Make the entire hospital […]

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A big fat juicy limerick

  A forgetful old man of Iraq, wrote poetry books by the stack. His memory was such that sometimes he would forget he was writing poetry entirely and, instead write in a prose form that was both beautiful and lyrical. It flowed from his pen like spring water coming from the depths of the Earth […]

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Fears, Anxieties and Dreads

  I worry that people will see my laugh-lines and assume that I’ve had it too easy all my life. When I go to a urinal and someone else walks up at the same time but finishes WAY before I do, I worry that I might be peeing wrong. I’ve got a gnawing anxiety that […]

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Secrets I Will Never Tell

  When those around me recite the preamble to the Constitution, I usually just mouth along until we get to the part about “liberty and justice for all”. When I use a public restroom and someone is in one of the stalls, I will pretend to wash my hands by turning the water on and […]

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