Poker Facts that Leave Me Flush

Don’t suddenly blurt out the word, “Gin!” unless that’s what you’re drinking. ♣ If you get a lot of straight-flushes, you WILL get shot from time to time. ♣ If the guy next to you is showing two aces and you’re showing a possible flush, you’re both going to lose to the guy who bets […]

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New Year’s Resolutions 2023

I resolve not to be ruled by fear… although fear will still have veto power over all of my decisions. ♣♥♦♠ I resolve to spend less time on my computer and more time day-dreaming about how much fun I’m going to have when I finally get home and get on my computer. ♣♥♦♠ I resolve […]

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Doris Day

There are a lot of great actresses out there; but, few of them made a career out of basically playing themselves in each movie. Even fewer quit the acting business entirely to live in seclusion and raise dogs. And, none of them went on to poison the reservoir of a large city in an act […]

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