Potatoes, and the Promise of More Potatoes

Zero Mostel Turning Into a Rhinoceros

What you will find here are some of the most brilliant writings you have ever read or will ever read.  I don’t want to oversell it…

My writings are broken up into five groups:  Actors, Godzilla Movies, People of the Middle Ages, Animals and Miscellaneous.  If you see a pattern here, you are the first.

If you go to the Menu->Blog area, you’ll find some of my shorter stuff.  Also, I’m stock-piling human skin on the off-chance that I’ll need a skin graft some day; so, if you’ve got skin you aren’t using, I can tell you where to send it…

I’ve added one on the Brazilian Wandering Spider.  Also Snowy Owl

The blog theme, today?  How to be more smarter

To my FARKER friends:  You’ve enjoyed some of my posts on the signs of the Zodiac.  Here they are in their entirety:  The Zodiac.

Actors:  Peter Lorre, Ginger Rogers, Boris Karloff, Myrna Loy, Tony Randall, Kathleen Freeman

Animals:  Glass Frog, Malaysian Coral Snake, Jackal, House Centipede. The Wombat, The Quoll, The Onager, Brazilian Wandering Spider

Godzilla:  Godzilla, King of the Monsters, Godzilla Raids Again, King Kong vs Godzilla,  Godzilla vs Mothra, Godzilla vs Monster Zero

People of the Middle Ages:  Dunsten, Gregory, Bede the Venerable, Galla Placida, Malcolm III, Alaric