Recent Scientific Discoveries You Might Have Missed

Biologists in Ontario, Canada, using gene splicing and frozen ovum, have created a bear that looks identical to a rabbit; moreover, its DNA also matches that of a rabbit.


An astronomer at Jawaharlal Nehru University has discovered another sun in our solar system. This sun produces no light or heat and has a mass of zero.


Engineers at MIT have created a wire so thin it cannot be seen by any microscope. They are now waiting for optics technology to advance to the point where they can find  it again.


Psychologists at the University of Amsterdam, while conducting largest multi-year “fight or flight” study, had to put the project on hold because all of their test subjects ran away…


The Tate in London has allowed scientists to perform tests on the Rosetta Stone with state of the art instruments which will tell them exactly which character from the sitcom Cheers the stone looks most like.


UCLA physicists using a Cray computer, artificial intelligence and an electron microscope have determined exactly what part of an iron atom tastes like chicken.


Geneticists in Stockholm have painstakingly grafted the genetic material of white mice to the genetic material of whatever is lying around in the swab-disposal can, because being a geneticist is one long almost suicidal party, after all…


Italian scientists have managed to put a layer of cobalt one atom thick onto the surface of a silicon crystal. They’ve since changed their efforts to aggressively research into why they would ever want to do such a thing…


Ecologists, at Stanford University, have found a way to turn normal household garbage into medical waste.


Psychologists in Melbourne have isolated a new type of mental illness that has no symptoms and therefore cannot be cured.

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