How to Get Rid of a Body

[Thanks to Deb’s husband for the idea] Leave it outside of a cadaver warehouse and someone will just assume it fell out of a window somewhere. ◘ Find a construction site where a large cement foundation is being poured and leave the body near the mailbox. ◘ Throw the body into an active volcano. If […]

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FAQs on Alligators

[The following questions were generated by Google in a search of “alligators”] Do alligators feel love? Alligators, like all reptiles and most cats, lack the limbic part of the brain where emotions are generated. The most you can hope for with an alligator is perfunctory sex once a week and maybe some flowers on your […]

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[Not thrilled with this one but, it’s Friday so OUT IT GOES!] I’m considering becoming evil… … not PURE evil. You could still touch me without exploding and it would be safe to use a bathroom after I do; but, I can no longer sit around and be good. Someone once told me that good […]