When is Black-face Okay?

  [Recently, photographs have come to light with the governor of Virginia in black face in his college year book from the eighties.  A lot of people are angry about this so… When is black-face okay?] When you go to a costume party in the eighties dressed as your favorite rapper and you also want […]

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How Men Cope with Baldness

Crew Cut: It’s hard to see the baldness when the rest of the hair is a scant 0.18 inches in length. Very effective but, if you are heavy, you’ll look like Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket. If you are in good physical shape, you’ll look like someone who just started a soccer riot. Shaved […]

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[Another challenge from iScriblr.  Of all the ones I’ve done so far, this one is clearly the most recent] I looked into the mirror this morning and I realized that I had wronged you greatly; in fact, it was the most greatly that I’d ever wronged you… the greatliest wrong of all. And, I’m not […]

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Things You Don’t Know About Me

My skin has a delightful lemony scent.  I’ve been told that my dandruff can be substituted for almond extract in just about any recipe. I just cannot decide if Mothra is the worst movie monster ever or just very nuanced. I’ve always silently resented people who cannot read my mind. Sometimes, when no one is […]

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