Crazy, But that’s How it Goes

They called me “crazy” when I bought up all that nitrous oxide… but who’s laughing, now? A wise man once told me that there was a fine line between super-intelligent and crazy… at least, I think he was wise. A straight-jacket is proof that crazy is the only mental state with its own line of […]

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The Letter ‘B’: Science

Bismuth: Until 2003, scientists considered bismuth the element with the highest atomic number to be stable; but, they’ve since determined that it is actually radioactive. Slightly… with a half-life of over ten trillion years; so, unless you plan to expose yourself to it until entropy reverses itself and most stars have flickered and gone out, […]

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More Facts on Clowns

A clown performance is classified as “funny, just not very funny”. ☺ Clown’s register their particular makeup… probably so that police can identify them more easily when a group of hikers gets chopped up. ☺ Acrobatics and overstated mime are just two of the things about clowns that make them memorable as that circus act […]

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Old Stuff: Boxing

Boxing has been around ever since we had people with punchable faces. We know the Mesopotamian had boxing but archaeologists are unsure that they had round-girls. And, if they did, what did they wear? Lycra hadn’t been invented, yet, so the short-shorts had to be made from coarse leather which probably chaffed something awful. Babylonians […]

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