Dirty Cracks About Soap

Soap has been around for nearly five thousand years. The discovery that the Mesopotamians made soap revolutionized the way people thought about soap… especially in regards to Mesopotamia. The name “soap” was derived from Mount Sapo. Heat, ash and fat from animal sacrifices created a liquid soap that ran into a nearby river. Women washing […]

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Blogger Tag Nonsense

Chelsea Owens nominated me and I’m feeling like opening up a bit this week, so… Why did you start blogging & why have you kept blogging? I gave up on publishing my work and just wanted people to read it. Oddly enough, I actually got published, on paper, last year. One of my goals. What […]

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New on Television, this Summer…

My Big Fat Heroin-addict Mom: It is, in fact, the reality show to end all reality shows… at least I hope that’s what it does. A woman with a heroin habit and a compulsive eating disorder tries to juggle two kids… probably because she’s so high that she thinks they are oranges. If successful, the […]

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Advice Column Advice

To my readers and to those who just come here to see if I mentioned them at all:  I’m planning on writing another advice column featuring the biologically-enhanced super-intelligent dog, and I thought some of you might want to offer questions for her.  If so, put them into the comments below… Ask a Bio-engineered Super-intelligent […]

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