Auto Travel Tips

When traveling long distances make frequent stops and take frequent rests. The stops can be at a restaurant or a rest stop. If there isn’t a lot of traffic, one can take a quick nap behind the wheel between exits. Remember, if you dream about having an accident while sleeping behind the wheel, it might […]

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Pubic Confession

A coworker I am fond of told me that she was having surgery, the next day.  I didn’t ask any questions about it… not because I am an unfeeling sociopath (the usual reason), but because the probable answer was “vagina”. Yeah, it’s a jarring word.  Men don’t like hearing it and women don’t like saying […]

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A Little Bad Joke

My cousin showed me his dog which was missing one of his front legs. He was so proud. “You see this here dog?”, he told me, “This here’s a yard-dog” “So, he sleeps outside at night?”, I asked. “Naw, he sleeps in the house with me and the wife” “Then, why do you call him […]

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