Doggerel-Days of August

All through the Fall I am upset, Because Winter will be here soon I bet. * And, Winter’s no fun, I just bundle up and wait for it to be done. * But, I get sad when it is Spring because it is brief like every nice thing. * During the hot hot Summer, I […]

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Thoughts on Perfume that Stink

Clive Christian Number 1 is the most expensive fragrance for men; but, it is worth it. It makes you smell like someone who can afford 1800 dollars for 30 ml of perfume. The same perfume can smell completely different depending upon the person. For example: Apply musk to an attractive person and the scent is […]

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I’m Humble About this List on Pride

The best definition of “pride” is self-satisfaction turned violently outward. Aristotle felt that pride was a virtue instead of a sin. Not only was he comfortable with that opinion, he was pretty smug about it. Parents usually say that they are equally proud of each of their children… often with a straight face… Milton hinted […]

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