My friends, I have a task that I have to perform but really don’t want to. Not to give too much information but eventually Alzheimer’s Disease goes from being quirky and forgetful to accepting it as a terminal disease. And, that is where my father currently is. So, I’ll be going down to Texas for […]

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How Can I Be a Trump Supporter?

If you can consider your soy bean farm successful, thanks to Trump, despite the fact that you aren’t making any money and someone else owns it, now. You have to be able to believe that a man who attended Christian church for decades is a Muslim; and, a man who wouldn’t know a church if […]

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Recently, as many of you know, I was abducted by aliens. It was my own fault for driving my pickup truck on a lonely country road in the middle of the night. But, instead of anally probing me and letting me go, they, instead, anally probed me and asked me questions… for the purpose of […]

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