Book Excerpt Part Two

My first memory is of my mother telling me to forget what I just saw… Nothing before that… even though it would probably explain why I wet my bed until I was four and wet my brother’s bed ’til I was eight. I remember learning that the hot stove was not to be touched. I […]

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Book Excerpt Part One

[This is an excerpt from a book-length project that I’m working on] “I’d give you a hit off of this but I think you’re high enough already”, the flightless bird told me. He didn’t look like a flightless bird. He looked like Marlon, the guy from school who dressed like he was in the glee […]

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Three More Bad Poems

The earthworm’s worth a second look it’s more than something on a hook. If they’re in your garden, for what it’s worth they aerate and fertilize the earth. Show one to your sister Beth And, you will scare her half to deth. A chow doesn’t chase sticks or perform any other tricks. If you tell […]

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