Secrets Mimes will Never Tell

Shields and Yarnell were mimes who performed in the seventies. They were given their own variety sketch show which was the most random act since 1945, when Salvador Dali ceded his power of attorney to a rice cooker. I saw an all-mime version of Key largo, once. It was pretty stupid but, when the hurricane […]

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Fond Memories of My Uncle Renny

In my family, Uncle Renny is the entrepreneur… a man unafraid to take risks and also not afraid to avoid them. In this way, he covered all his bases. When I knew him, he was very old; but, years earlier, he had been very young… younger still in the years before that… Uncle Renny arrived […]

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Really Bad Movies I Like

[I was discussing this with Rivergirl.  This isn’t a humor column so I’m posting it, today.  Remember, these movies should only be taken in small amounts] Meet the Spartans: The only thing better than a crappy parody movie is a crappy parody movie with song and dance numbers; and, this one has that and a […]

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Stuff I Used to Worry About

I used to worry about dying young; now, I just worry about dying. I used to worry about going bald; now, I just worry about my hat blowing off. I used to worry about getting fat; now, I just worry that I’m not worried about getting fat. I used to worry about being publicly humiliated; […]

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Stuff I Remember from My Childhood

I remember Space Food Sticks: Vitamin-fortified earwax in the shape of a Slim Jim. Great for playing astronaut; but, pretending to be a weightless guy with a slide rule pushing buttons got old quick… and so did Space Food Sticks. And, for dress shoes, we walked around on platform shoes which were technically stilts. You […]

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R. N. Domth Oughts

If I was being besieged in a castle in the middle ages, I’d try my hardest to convince the people surrounding me that THEY were the ones under siege and that they were going to be trapped out there FOREVER if they didn’t leave. She called me a “grade A rat” which was surprising because […]

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