Meat By-Products and Tarzan

I just saw a commercial for Burger King’s new Crispy Golden Nuggets. I can’t be the only one unnerved by that name and by the fact that they never mentioned what animal they were made from; but, they were a dollar a bag and ten to a bag. The demographic this satisfies is the intersection […]

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Fun Facts About a Border Wall

  The border wall isn’t necessarily a concrete wall or a steel structure… it is a metaphor… a symbol. And, because it is a symbol, we can say for sure that Mexico will be paying all the imaginary money it will take to build that symbol… A border wall will funnel refugees through official check […]

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Random Thoughts on a Snowy Day

People who say that there is nothing funny about compound fractures aren’t looking hard enough… After reading Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, I published my own critique of pure reason. I think that my critique was more effective because I managed to connect pure reason with Stalin, Saddam Hussein and the mafia. Also, I implied […]

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Blog Party!

Edmark, of Learn Fun Facts, is having a blog party.  I recommend you take a look.  I’ve found a lot of blogs that I follow at one of these events… I’ve got a lot fewer followers than he does, but, if there’s enough interest, I can do the same thing on my blog.

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