What i want

I want a car with one-wheel drive for spinning in tight circles. ☻ I want the finest caviar so I can show it to my second-finest caviar and maybe inspire it to WORK HARDER! ☻ I want a cranberry bog… partly because I like cranberries and partly because it seems like a great place to […]

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love and other bad ideas, final pt

The Autopsy I must say, she took the fact that she destroyed my life and my ability to trust anyone ever again pretty well… almost heroically. But, I mostly blame myself for trusting her. If jealousy is a green-eyed monster, complacency is a different monster probably with different colored eyes. Always assume the worst. That […]

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Safety Tips for Heat Waves

If it is a hot day, be sure to drink enough water. How do you know how much is enough? How much did you drink? Nope, that’s not enough. ☺ Monitor your older relatives for signs of heat stroke. Signs include lack of perspiration, high pulse rate and confusion. If the person staggering around dazed […]

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