Still Another Rant

I am blocked. I have been for a few weeks. I’m still writing, but it’s not coming easily. It’s like that old method of execution where they pull out the entrails and burn them in front of the owner…only it’s worse because it’s happening to me. I always worry that maybe it’s because my mind […]

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My Mystery, Cha 13

At Scrod Palace, definitely an order of magnitude less popular than the Dyslexic’s Bra and Girl, the two sat and examined what they knew thus far… “From what I can see”, Goober Partridge started, “We have a multitude of crimes to investigate. There’s the untimely murder of Snakeford Cadd; the multiple thefts in Hamshock Manor, […]

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Goodbye, Alex Trebek

Until regulations on human cloning are relaxed, there will never be another man like Alex Trebek. He never claimed to have all the answers; but, he did have all of the questions. As for his recent passing, I just want to say, “What is, I’m heartbroken?” Alex Trebek was a Canadian… but that never kept […]

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