This Day in History: October 13th

Rock vocalist Sammy Hagar was born on this day in 1947, despite neighbors’ complaints about the noise.  As front man for the group Van Halen, Hagar was often compared to the group’s former vocalist, David Lee Roth…usually by height.  Hagar was less flamboyant than Roth; moreover, his sense of self-worth was contained to the point […]

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We’ve Got to Talk…

[I’m kind of burned out… and I’ve added another hundred followers. Normally, this would mean another installment of The Moosehead Stratagem; however, that will be difficult because it hasn’t been created yet. I’ve got a collection of columns I was trying to peddle years ago and next week will be entirely those. So, this is […]

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Random and Random of Beverly Hills

A female goat is called a “nanny”. A young attractive female goat is called an “au pair”… Studies show that left-handed people die earlier, on average, than right-handed people. The primary reason for this is that left-handed people don’t live as long. Dance is just your soul trying to express itself by crushing someone else’s […]

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