Stuff and Junk

I’ve written things that were masterpieces but not “beloved masterpieces”. Because the only works they get the designation as “beloved” are children’s books. Why? Because if children love a book you’ll know it because they’ll demand you read it to them over and over and OVER until you finally FREAK OUT and replace its ending […]

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Stuff I Regret

I regret starting up my own religion and I swear to the almighty kangaroo goddess that it will never happen again… ☺ I regret blowing all my money on Doc Savage books as a teenager when there were perfectly good prostitutes within walking distance. ☺ I regret that time when I picked a fight with […]

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What i want

I want a car with one-wheel drive for spinning in tight circles. ☻ I want the finest caviar so I can show it to my second-finest caviar and maybe inspire it to WORK HARDER! ☻ I want a cranberry bog… partly because I like cranberries and partly because it seems like a great place to […]

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love and other bad ideas, final pt

The Autopsy I must say, she took the fact that she destroyed my life and my ability to trust anyone ever again pretty well… almost heroically. But, I mostly blame myself for trusting her. If jealousy is a green-eyed monster, complacency is a different monster probably with different colored eyes. Always assume the worst. That […]

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