Beware the Smile of a Dog

I was on Youtube watching one of those dog rescue videos because, it doesn’t matter who you are, what your politics are or even what language you speak, mange and skin disease are FUNNY. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t breathe. But, then I saw something that changed my life. The stray was being lured out from under a house by a beefy gal in a pair of cut offs, in a scene more poignant than it was erotic but only by a few inches. I could see that the dog she was rescuing, although she was holding herself in a submissive manner, tail between her legs… I could tell that she was being SARCASTIC. And, what’s worse, the goddess who’d crawled under the house to rescue Image result for arrogant dogthat mangy (heh… heh, still funny) tick-ridden mutt did not even noticed that she was being MOCKED. The dog was very hungry but still had enough dignity to look down on her savior. THAT takes concentration and focus, something you don’t see much in strays any more. And, through the whole process, the dog kept it up, occasionally sneering at the camera; and, when they finally show her a month later, fattened up and cleaned off, the dog was lolling around until she is prompted by her foster… master, I guess, and the dog’s expression says, “Really? I’m performing today? Yes’m Miss Jeanie” and then rolled over a few times and made a half-hearted nip at a rubber ball. I can’t say that I blame dogs for resenting us. We have got it pretty good. We’ve increased our life span over the last century by about thirty years. We really haven’t done much for the dog’s life span. And, it’s all dogs that feel this way. Do you know ANY animal that would get heart attack-grade excited over the same can of butcher sweepings and corn meal that dogs get? No creature has THAT MUCH ENTHUSIASM. It is clearly sarcasm. It also means that EVERY dog is a seething cauldron of resentment and anger, wanting to shake its fist violently at us and quietly cursing that they were born without fists. And, really there isn’t much we can do about it. Anyone being taken care of so entirely resents the care-giver. Look at any teenager. But, if we… say… got them part time jobs then humans would be put out of work and humans need their jobs to make money to take care of their dogs. As I said, not much we can do… But, what we CAN do is to thank our dogs for doing what they do. Thank them vigorously. Thank them often…


and, try to do it as sarcastically as possible…

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