William Burroughs: A Hate Poem

I’d rather have my nose stuffed with churros Than read William Burroughs. They told me his voice Resembled James Joyce And, that was true enough If Joyce was into porn, feces and snuff His was the only book I ever buyed That I felt compelled to hide So, thanks a bunch For Naked Lunch

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Thoughts on Jazz

[mistermuse, don’t judge me too harshly] Part of listening to jazz is listening to the notes that are NOT being played, usually done after the band has gone home… Neurologists have found that listening to Dixieland Jazz lights up the same region of your brain that lights up when you are getting an injection directly […]

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There’s Always a Complaint

Dear Sir or Madame (or, if this is me reading this as I proof, screw you, Charlie!): I’ve long considered your company to be a paragon of quality and customer service, that, ten thousand years from now will be considered by anthropologists to be the the gold-standard for whatever it is you do. I no […]

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