FAQ on Pet Tortoises

Do Tortoises make good pets? They do, if your definition of a “good pet” is one that doesn’t move much, can’t be cuddled and has no feelings for you whatsoever. Think of a tortoise as a Rumba that doesn’t actually vacuum and leaves droppings randomly throughout the house. Can tortoises swim? No. But, if thrown […]

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Forest Fire Safety Tips

Stay calm! Nothing deters a deadly wall of fire like serenity. ֎ Go to an area free of vegetation, like the banks of a river or anywhere in West Texas. ֎ Call 911. If they can’t help you, call 912. ֎ If you can see an already burnt out area through the flames, douse yourself […]

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A Fable about Scuttlebutt

Once, there was a polytheist village where all the graven images, fetishes and talismans were kept in one large stone building. People would worship them every day; and, after eight o’clock, they’d go home, leaving the statues to themselves. One night, the statue of rice-goddess Harma said to the image of the dog-headed goddess of […]

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