Stuff and Junk

I’ve written things that were masterpieces but not “beloved masterpieces”. Because the only works they get the designation as “beloved” are children’s books. Why? Because if children love a book you’ll know it because they’ll demand you read it to them over and over and OVER until you finally FREAK OUT and replace its ending […]

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Advice Column Advice

To my readers and to those who just come here to see if I mentioned them at all:  I’m planning on writing another advice column featuring the biologically-enhanced super-intelligent dog, and I thought some of you might want to offer questions for her.  If so, put them into the comments below… Ask a Bio-engineered Super-intelligent […]

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American Goats!

Texas has more goats than any other state. Texas has more Texans than any other state. Guess which ones the rest of us are most worried about… You can rent goats in the United States to clear tall grass and shrubs during forest fire season. The fact that you can probably rent them for other […]

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