What it Means to be a REAL Man

It means we will react violently if we feel insulted enough. Oddly enough, how insulted we feel is inversely proportional to how big and scary the guy insulting us is… It means that we will NEVER ask for directions, use a map or follow street signs. We navigate like our fathers did: By driving around […]

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Excerpt From Book, Two

People LOVE animals. Whether it is ogling them in cages or just hunting them for sport. We even have animals that we love enough to feed, keep in our homes and castrate. We study them right down to their DNA because they teach us things about ourselves; we also use some of them to make […]

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Ich Will: Christmas Edition

What I Want for Christmas You’ve heard of that box with the button on it that, when you press it, someone you don’t know dies and you get a million dollars?  Well, I want that; then, I’d go out and meet EVERYONE IN THE WORLD EXCEPT TUCKER CARLSON… and then press the button. I want […]

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