Hell-Houses for Sale

  Lovely three bedroom, one bath three-story rambler convenient to liquor store and three massage parlors. Backs to unsettling graveyard. Seller motivated and terrified.   Snug Tudor Efficiency Condo. Might have a pest problem but that depends on your attitude and gag reflex. Condo fee includes glue traps, concierge and doorman available in various stages […]

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I Go Dark: Thoughts on Euthanasia

Fatalists have no problem with euthanasia because, if you are euthanized, that is when you were slated to die anyway… unless you weren’t, then you can’t… it’s really quite simple… total acceptance of everything that is happening to people who aren’t you. If you are Catholic, euthanasia is considered suicide and a deadly sin… so, […]

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Strange Interludes

One If I had to choose an iconic symbol of my childhood, and I wasn’t allowed to pick that game of old maid I once played with Squeaky Fromme, I would choose the old sycamore tree that stood at the top of Wilson Hill. The tree overlooked Wilson Creek just at the end of Wilson […]

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The Edge of Grape

Look at a grape and you don’t see much… unless it is a robotic grape, capable of many things that a domestic grape cannot even begin to accomplish or comprehend; but, that’s goes without saying, eh? A regular non-cybernetic grape is delicious, can turn into wine and contains vitamin K. How important is vitamin K? […]

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Beware the Smile of a Dog

I was on Youtube watching one of those dog rescue videos because, it doesn’t matter who you are, what your politics are or even what language you speak, mange and skin disease are FUNNY. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t breathe. But, then I saw something that changed my life. The stray was […]

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