Warning Signs of Fraud

Introduces self as “Prince of Nigeria” despite the fact that he’s white and female. ♫ In the prospectus, there is a sizable stream of income from the “Bilk the Suckers” division. ♫ If they first contact you through an email and the salutation isn’t “Dear [your name]” but, “Dear Whoever I Just Emailed”. ♫ You […]

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Raising Venomous Snakes

Know your snakes. They can be unpredictable to those who don’t because they have a wide range of reactions: If startled, they might give you a savage bite; but, if treated gently and calmly, they might give you a savage bite. ☼ Wash your hands after handling snakes. If that is impossible, then wash the […]

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Boys: A Listrant

I was so glad that I had sons… Sure, boys (as the poem tells us) are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails… although the proportions and process details are a closely-guarded secret. They are more reluctant to show their emotions so their repressed feelings will come out in other ways… maybe a […]

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How to Get Rid of a Body

[Thanks to Deb’s husband for the idea] Leave it outside of a cadaver warehouse and someone will just assume it fell out of a window somewhere. ◘ Find a construction site where a large cement foundation is being poured and leave the body near the mailbox. ◘ Throw the body into an active volcano. If […]

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