How Numbers Came to Be

[another excerpt from my book] Until recently, no one knew how the numbers came to be.  Archaeologists assumed that all numbers were discovered at the same time, but that begged the question, “where did they keep them?”. Numbers have been found in a cave in the Holy Land, along with two books of the Talmud […]

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Why I Might be a Lesbian

[Being a straight white male, it never occurred to me that I might become a lesbian; but, it turns out, I’ve got a lot in common with them] Like a lesbian, I enjoy having sex with women. These women weren’t lesbians, of course… at least they weren’t before the sex… Like a lesbian, no woman […]

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For the Love of Algebra

Algebra is the sloppy Judas-kiss that is planted on the mouth of every middle-school math student. You’ve learned the numbers… all of them. You can add them, multiply them, subtract them and, on rare occasions, you can even do long division. So, what is the response of educators? “Feeling smug knowing all the numbers? Well, […]

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A Random Thought is Often Sought

Frozen solid and hit with a hammer, he died a broken man… If you have an harmonica, you are never truly alone… until you start playing it… Do what you like to me; but, I won’t put up with ANYONE hurting my children unless they have a fairly reasonable explanation for doing so… Brevity is […]

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New Years Resolutions

I resolve to think before I act. Well, actually I haven’t resolved to do that yet, but I’m considering it. I resolve to take the CPR dummy I keep in my closet out for a night on the town. Imagine the look on her face! I resolve to give the people in my life the […]

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Ich Will: Christmas Edition

What I Want for Christmas You’ve heard of that box with the button on it that, when you press it, someone you don’t know dies and you get a million dollars?  Well, I want that; then, I’d go out and meet EVERYONE IN THE WORLD EXCEPT TUCKER CARLSON… and then press the button. I want […]

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