A Wee Little Fish

I didn’t have anything ready for today, so here’s one I did many years ago before I had a website. If you have a beef about it, it’s with old Charlie, not the new Charlie, who is ironically, the older Charlie… The Sapid Deception of the Tiger Oscar

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This Day in History: July 29

  William Powell born on this day in 1892, the first act of a desperate man. Known primarily for the Thin Man series of moves, he managed to carry off his screen persona as a tough guy despite the fact that he weighed no more than a toddler.   Hague Convention treaties were signed on […]

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Solutions to America’s Debt

A one dollar surtax on every time a Texan uses the phrase, “That’s what SHE said” unless they are using it to convey what a female human or parrot actually said. Sell our tanks and missiles to smaller countries who are already at war on the condition that we get to film it and turn […]

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