Real Recent Discoveries in… SCIENCE!

  The Journal of Analytical Chemistry reported that moss can be used to inexpensively detect pollutants in the air.  An hour later, Donald Trump’s EPA made moss a controlled substance… An international team of geoscientists and paleontologists have discovered more evidence that Alaska acted as a “dinosaur superhighway” from Asia to North America in the […]

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Night Lizard

This is an older essay taken from a book I wrote and never published.  Before you feel bad for me you should know that the reason it was never published was because I was trying to find a way to kill all the puppies in the world.  I was pretty hardcore back then… The Polyphonic […]

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The Harbinger of Spring

When you see a robin, you know that spring is on its way… just like when you see your grandmother grabbing her car keys, you know that a big car accident is about to happen. There are other ways of determining if spring is near: Use a calendar, ask a friend… I hear the internet […]

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