How to Tell if You Have an Eating Disorder

[Leave it to people to take one of the three necessities of life (food, water and internet porn) and make it a health hazard. Do YOU have an eating disorder? Well you do if…]

If you can carry your week’s groceries home in your purse.

If you periodically stock up on ice cream, cookies and laxatives.

If you think the shrimp fork is for tickling the back of your throat.

If you think an all you can eat restaurant is essentially a dare.

If you have an “angry cookie” and a “sad cookie”.

If your daily planner alternates between “binge” and “purge”.

If you think chewing wastes precious seconds.

If you refuse to eat until your previous meal has been completely expelled.

If your friends refer to your bathroom as the “vomitorium”.

If your dog suddenly says to you, during dinner, “Hey buddy, slow down



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