Desire Under the Alligators, Chapters 4 – 6

[You’ll find the first three chapters here]

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“Not… in front of the alligators…”

Chapter 4: Things get complicated when Rodney hires a beautiful young grad student to calm the audience during the big alligator parade at the climax of the act. The woman’s name is “Busty Minx”, although her stage name is “Sara Fowler”. Sara draws the attention of the two men due to her smoldering good looks and the fact that she can do things with her mouth that takes most women a lifetime to forget. She is almost fired from the show when she loses an alligator in her cleavage; but, the crisis is averted when it is recovered in one of her socks. Sally feels an intense rivalry with the new woman but also stirrings that she has never felt before. Sally’s first instinct is that these new stirrings are caused by an alligator in her own cleavage; but, it turns out to be simply an errant monitor lizard. The chapter climaxes with Sara Fowler declaring feelings for Sally Golimply and with Sally fainting…

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It isn’t what it looks like… whatever THAT is…

Chapter 5: Rodney notices Les’ attraction to Sally and decides to give him the most dangerous assignment in the show: Putting the alligators’ contact lenses in just before the show. Feeling responsible, Sally begs Rodney to reconsider, although she has to admit that the blue contact lenses do make the gators look uncannily like Kate Beckinsale. She reminds Rodney that her year is almost up. Rodney softens his position and instead assigns Les to the less dangerous task of scraping the alligators’ vocal chords. Sara hears about the conflict and bursts into Rodney’s office demanding to know why Nepal is an anagram of “panel”. Les bursts into Rodney’s office shortly afterwards demanding to know why everyone is bursting into Rodney’s office. In a fury, Les Bakbone accepts the responsibility for the gators’ eye-wear; moreover, HE will perform the the climactic stunt of diving one hundred feet from a platform onto an alligator. Nothing will deter him, even the fact that it wasn’t even part of the act in the first place. Everyone pauses for a moment while Sally feels stirrings that she’s never felt before. Later, Les successfully dives and an alligator successfully bites his head off. Sally faints…

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Chapter 6: The alligator circus burns down. This is told mostly through a combination of flashbacks and omniscient first person through the eyes of a gopher. All around is chaos and flames. Sara is the big hero after rescuing several children from the fire by inserting them into her cleavage. Sally and Les are nowhere to be found. Rodney assumes that Sally left after feeling stirrings within her that she’d never felt before; and, that Les was trying to adapt to life without a head.

But, Les lives, saved by an experimental head graft. Fortunately for him, an El Salvadoran billionaire had donated his head as a tax write-off. Not only is the new head more attractive, but Les is now capable of rolling his ‘r’s as never before. Sally finds herself drawn to Les now that he has a face that doesn’t look like a bust of Voltaire made out of old chewing gum. While preparing pudding for the two of them later that night, she finds herself stirring like never before. Later on, she faints but, since she is asleep, no one notices…


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