Dark Thoughts on Black Holes

A black hole might be used as a time machine but most physicists think that the trip would pull your body into a long strand in a process called “spaghetification”. Of course, if you survived, you could go back in time and warn yourself but, be honest, would you really listen to a warning from […]

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‘C’ is for cience

Chimera: This is a term paleontologists use to describe a set of fossils from different animals that have been pieced together erroneously. For example: The Archaeoraptor found in China was thought to be missing link between birds and dinosaurs. Researchers claimed that it was, for the most part, a dinosaur, except for its habit of […]

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More Real Science Discoveries

Engineers, at the University of Leeds, have developed a new material that mimics human cartilage. The board of regents has pulled funding calling the material “unnecessarily hurtful towards human cartilage”. ☺ University of Hiroshima scientists announced recently that they are moving closer to the next generation of fuel-cell technology. They plan to achieve this by […]

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Your Astronomy Test

Note that this test will count for one-fifth of your grade. Your best test will count twice and your worst test grade will be dropped. If you can calculate your grade before I post it, you get an automatic ‘A’; unfortunately, that ‘A’ will be dropped and your worst grade will be counted twice, so […]

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What’s the Deal with Uranus?

What is the DEAL with Uranus??? It sits out there, seven planets out, disappointing astronomers everywhere; that is why NO astronomer willingly specializes in Uranus… just like no doctor enters medical school wanting to specialize in feet; but, SOMEONE has to treat maladies of the feet, just like SOMEONE has to put together everything we […]

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