‘C’ is for cience

Chimera: This is a term paleontologists use to describe a set of fossils from different animals that have been pieced together erroneously. For example: The Archaeoraptor found in China was thought to be missing link between birds and dinosaurs. Researchers claimed that it was, for the most part, a dinosaur, except for its habit of […]

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More Real Science Discoveries

Engineers, at the University of Leeds, have developed a new material that mimics human cartilage. The board of regents has pulled funding calling the material “unnecessarily hurtful towards human cartilage”. ☺ University of Hiroshima scientists announced recently that they are moving closer to the next generation of fuel-cell technology. They plan to achieve this by […]

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Your Astronomy Test

Note that this test will count for one-fifth of your grade. Your best test will count twice and your worst test grade will be dropped. If you can calculate your grade before I post it, you get an automatic ‘A’; unfortunately, that ‘A’ will be dropped and your worst grade will be counted twice, so […]

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What’s the Deal with Uranus?

What is the DEAL with Uranus??? It sits out there, seven planets out, disappointing astronomers everywhere; that is why NO astronomer willingly specializes in Uranus… just like no doctor enters medical school wanting to specialize in feet; but, SOMEONE has to treat maladies of the feet, just like SOMEONE has to put together everything we […]

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FAQs about Saturn

How did Saturn get its name? Someone named it. No, seriously… where did the name “Saturn” come from? Saturn was the father of the Olympian gods, most known for eating his own children… a direct result of his being on the Atkins Diet. How big are Saturn’s rings? About a quarter million miles in diameter […]

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