Christmas Facts and Frauds

Why was Christmas moved to winter solstice, the bleakest day of the year? If you want to be sure a holiday will last, try it in the worst possible time-slot. ♣ It’s a Wonderful Life is NOT the best Christmas movie. It’s message is, “When the going gets tough, attempt suicide; then, all your friends […]

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Haunted D. C.

Ghosts have been around ever since early man started walking around when he wasn’t alive anymore. There have always been ponderings of what it was like after death; but, with ghosts, we see that the afterlife might be more OCD than we like. You know, walk to the tower, holding your own head, turn to […]

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This Day in History: July 29

  William Powell born on this day in 1892, the first act of a desperate man. Known primarily for the Thin Man series of moves, he managed to carry off his screen persona as a tough guy despite the fact that he weighed no more than a toddler.   Hague Convention treaties were signed on […]

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