St. John’s Eve

On St. John’s Eve, bonfires are built to repel witches and evil spirits and to attract moths and firemen… Salome caused the death of John the Baptist by dancing for him and then, in lieu of a tip, asked for the Saint’s head to be delivered to her on a platter. Of all of the […]

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And, at Last, We End This

Last day of my “vacation” from writing.  Oddly enough, I’ve been writing this whole time but at least at my own pace.  New stuff will be forthcoming on Monday and backgoing by Wednesday.  Because I know you all like essays on saints, here’s… The Unsparing Perspicuity of St Jerome

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This Day in History: October 12th

  Eastern State House, first insane asylum in what is now the United States, began taking patients on this date in 1773, solving the problem of what to do with all those crazy people that had been running around.   The institution, located in Williamsburg, Virginia, specialized in state of the art treatments of the day, […]

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This Day in History: October 8th

The Great Chicago Fire started on this day in 1871, as if just being in Chicago wasn’t disaster enough.  The fire, encouraged by dry conditions and supported financially by high winds, grew out of control in the forty minutes it took fire-fighters to arrive.  Ultimately, dozens of urban blocks were burned to the ground, which […]

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