Secrets Mimes will Never Tell

Shields and Yarnell were mimes who performed in the seventies. They were given their own variety sketch show which was the most random act since 1945, when Salvador Dali ceded his power of attorney to a rice cooker. I saw an all-mime version of Key largo, once. It was pretty stupid but, when the hurricane […]

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Stuff I Remember from My Childhood

I remember Space Food Sticks: Vitamin-fortified earwax in the shape of a Slim Jim. Great for playing astronaut; but, pretending to be a weightless guy with a slide rule pushing buttons got old quick… and so did Space Food Sticks. And, for dress shoes, we walked around on platform shoes which were technically stilts. You […]

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This Day in History: March 5th

  On March 5th, 363 A.D.E, the Roman emperor Julian woke up his army and left Antioch, after finishing most of their beer, sleeping on their couch and breaking a vase that had great sentimental value. Julian was on an offensive against the Sasanian Empire, located in what presently Iran. His plan was to create […]

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Excerpt From Book, One

The Middle Ages were a great time to be alive if you consider what the only other option was. Civilization was taking the great teachings of the Classical era and doing its level best to forget all about them. Certainly, there were advances in agriculture as well as great strides in the fields of running […]

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St. John’s Eve

On St. John’s Eve, bonfires are built to repel witches and evil spirits and to attract moths and firemen… Salome caused the death of John the Baptist by dancing for him and then, in lieu of a tip, asked for the Saint’s head to be delivered to her on a platter. Of all of the […]

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