This Day in History: October 22nd

  On this day in 1964, Jean Paul Sartre was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.  He refused the award because he felt that literature was a tool of the bourgeois used against the masses.  Sartre was known for views not so much controversial as they were jaw-droppingly surreal.  His works Nausea, The Wall and […]

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Fun Facts about Independence Day

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, he left the names of the two nations blank so that, if the American Revolution fizzled out, he could sell the document to Ireland. A big part of celebrating how independent we are is buying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fireworks from China. Only two […]

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This Day in History, April 16th

Apollo Sixteen launched. To get material from the highlands of the moon and find the keys dropped by a previous astronaut. It was the next to last American mission to the moon and they decided it was time to take sample from the moon’s highlands, despite the possibility of finding Scotsmen living there. To prepare […]

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Roman the Great

Yeah… one of my medieval persons essays in my permanent collection.  Someone you’ve probably definitely never heard of:  The Implied Catholicism of Roman the Great Try it with a little gravy and some chickpeas and rice…  

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November 2nd, This Day in History

On November 2 1959 Charles Van Doren confessed to cheating on a game show before a congressional committee that probably had much better things to be doing. Van Doren told the committee that he’d been given the answers to questions beforehand by the show’s producers. Later, he wrote for the Encyclopedia Britannica, although it came […]

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