Great Milestones in Poetry

Second Millennia B.C.E – Gilgamesh tells the story of two brothers. One god-like and the other bestial. It was later adapted for television as The Odd Couple. ♦ Eighth Century B.C.E. – Homer writes the Odyssey and the Iliad. Homer was, by most accounts, blind and illiterate, so he had to memorize the entire work […]

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A wall is defined as “a structural element used to divide or enclose”. Like when your brother-in-law tried to put up sheet-rock in your basement and your family was divided between those who wanted to not pay him and those who wanted to put him into rehab… ☺ Only on rare occasions are partition walls […]

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Stuff that Happened on January 1st

Greece was admitted to the European Union, in 1981; but, still had to sit at the kid’s table with Cyprus and the Netherlands. ♠ In 1971, the broadcasting of cigarette ads was outlawed which was probably a good idea overall; but, commercials looked looked a lot less cool after that. ♠ Queen Victoria was proclaimed, […]

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Phirst Phounding Phathers Phacts

George Washington was born in Westmoreland County Virginia on February 22nd, 1732. His parents had no idea he’d be the man to change the world… although they did suspect it after fending off those British Terminators sent from the future. ♣ Washington inherited his first slave at the age of eleven. By the time he […]

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