Random and Random of Beverly Hills

A female goat is called a “nanny”. A young attractive female goat is called an “au pair”… Studies show that left-handed people die earlier, on average, than right-handed people. The primary reason for this is that left-handed people don’t live as long. Dance is just your soul trying to express itself by crushing someone else’s […]

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Olio and Hodgepodge

I wouldn’t want to be a special envoy because the other envoys might get jealous and maybe vandalize my truck. My mom always liked me best but covered up for it by spending all her time playing with and complimenting my siblings. Ever notice that astronauts don’t get arrested a lot for murder, rape and […]

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Double-plus Rand-Thoughts

At work, the LGBT people are having a gay ice-cream social.  When the guy handed me the flier, I thought to myself, “You know, if my granddaddy were alive today, he’d probably be panicking, scratching and clawing at the coffin lid until he suffocated” If everyone who ever died trying to save someone from a […]

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