[Not thrilled with this one but, it’s Friday so OUT IT GOES!] I’m considering becoming evil… … not PURE evil. You could still touch me without exploding and it would be safe to use a bathroom after I do; but, I can no longer sit around and be good. Someone once told me that good […]


Drink Masters: A Rant

I was watching a show on Netflix called, “Drink Masters” where a dozen bartenders compete for a large cash prize and the coveted title of “Best Bartender Out of the Twelve We Chose to Compete in this”. I couldn’t help feeling, as I watched this program, that I’ve been away for a long time. There […]

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A Covid Rant

I noticed, to my great surprise, that I recently recorded three 1960’s Italian science fiction movies; this would’ve hardly been surprising if I liked 1960’s Italian science fiction films or could remember more than five minutes ago; but, I prefer my science fiction without a bossa nova sound track. And, there’s the slapping. For some […]

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From the Queue, Pt 1

[Stuff that’s been put to the back of my queue will be the bulk of this week.  Work’s been busy… sorry] John Lennon said, “All you need is love”. But, when you try to buy it behind a hardware store at eleven-thirty, they arrest you. And, getting arrested is exactly what you don’t need. Another […]

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Heroes: A Rant

Webster’s Dictionary defines hero as “a person admired for achievements and noble qualities”. In other words, actors, sports figures or politicians because, as far as famous people go, that’s pretty much all we have except for serial killers and fashion designers; and, I doubt Yves Saint Laurant ever killed a chimera or took down the […]

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