From the Queue, Pt 1

[Stuff that’s been put to the back of my queue will be the bulk of this week.  Work’s been busy… sorry] John Lennon said, “All you need is love”. But, when you try to buy it behind a hardware store at eleven-thirty, they arrest you. And, getting arrested is exactly what you don’t need. Another […]

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Heroes: A Rant

Webster’s Dictionary defines hero as “a person admired for achievements and noble qualities”. In other words, actors, sports figures or politicians because, as far as famous people go, that’s pretty much all we have except for serial killers and fashion designers; and, I doubt Yves Saint Laurant ever killed a chimera or took down the […]

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Lego My Ego!

I saw my first Lego movie, last night. Frankly, it substantiated my theory that anything new or unfamiliar must be scrupulously avoided. The movie didn’t move me; but, maybe my emotional ties to Lego are not as pronounced as other Americans. We didn’t own any Legos in my house. My grandmother had some in a […]

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Scrambled Eggs: A Rant

Nothing is important; but, it is of utmost importance that we THINK things are important. I know you’re thinking that I just let the cat out of the bag… how could you go through the charade of thinking things were important when you’ve already been told that they aren’t? You would be living a lie […]

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