Q and A on Marine Life

[Most questions taken from Google results] Q. What is the deepest fish in the ocean? A. Physically, the deepest fish ever caught was Abyssobrotula galatheae, at a depth of over five miles. Philosophically, the deepest fish was an unnamed haddock off the coast of Chile who wrote a five volume work on the metaphysics of […]

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Google Science Questions

[If you search for answers in Google, it often shows “related questions”. I have answered some of these questions and you are welcome] What would happen if I touch a star? With most visible stars, you’d burn up immediately; however, you CAN touch a brown dwarf… just get his permission, first. Will humans ever reach […]

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‘C’ is for cience

Chimera: This is a term paleontologists use to describe a set of fossils from different animals that have been pieced together erroneously. For example: The Archaeoraptor found in China was thought to be missing link between birds and dinosaurs. Researchers claimed that it was, for the most part, a dinosaur, except for its habit of […]

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