‘C’ is for cience

Chimera: This is a term paleontologists use to describe a set of fossils from different animals that have been pieced together erroneously. For example: The Archaeoraptor found in China was thought to be missing link between birds and dinosaurs. Researchers claimed that it was, for the most part, a dinosaur, except for its habit of […]

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Facts on Sulfur

Sulfur has 23 isotopes, four of which are stable and two of which are known to drunk text their exes. ♣ Sulfur is created inside of massive stars by fusing Helium and Silicon. If you want to make Sulfur at home, make sure your oven gets as hot as 2.5 billion degrees Kelvin and maybe […]

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Still More Stuff I Hate

Gravity: It is the least favorite of the five basic forces. Mostly because Weak Nuclear Force never made my bowling trophy fall off the mantle. Yes, I know gravity is tied to the very fabric of space and time but how long should it be allowed to coast on that? People who don’t think ahead: […]

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