Still More Stuff I Hate

Gravity: It is the least favorite of the five basic forces. Mostly because Weak Nuclear Force never made my bowling trophy fall off the mantle. Yes, I know gravity is tied to the very fabric of space and time but how long should it be allowed to coast on that? People who don’t think ahead: […]

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More Real Science Discoveries

Engineers, at the University of Leeds, have developed a new material that mimics human cartilage. The board of regents has pulled funding calling the material “unnecessarily hurtful towards human cartilage”. ☺ University of Hiroshima scientists announced recently that they are moving closer to the next generation of fuel-cell technology. They plan to achieve this by […]

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On the Five Basic Forces of Nature

People say that there is no gravity… just matter following the curvatures of space/time; but, you never hear a guy who is clinging to a ledge a hundred feet over the pavement say, “Help me! I’m about to follow the curvature of space/time” ▲ The same electrical forces that power the taser that brings down […]

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The Letter ‘B’: Science

Bismuth: Until 2003, scientists considered bismuth the element with the highest atomic number to be stable; but, they’ve since determined that it is actually radioactive. Slightly… with a half-life of over ten trillion years; so, unless you plan to expose yourself to it until entropy reverses itself and most stars have flickered and gone out, […]

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Letter ‘A’: Science

Atmosphere: Earth’s atmosphere consists of the exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere. If you go any lower than the troposphere, you will undoubtedly start scraping up against asphalt. Earth’s atmosphere extends about six thousand miles from her surface. In the outer most exosphere, atoms and molecules can travel hundreds of miles without colliding with another […]

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