Why I Didn’t Get a Pony

[Thanks to Jack Shalom for the idea!  Jack is proof that anyone who likes radio shows and magic cannot be all bad] My parents wanted to instill in me the joy of having my fondest desires frustrated. All of my previous pets had died of mysterious stompings. Santa neglected to poke air-holes in the over-sized […]

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Compulsory Lungfish

I’d naturally assumed that I’d done at least one essay on each of the millions of species of animals in the world; however, calmkate proved me wrong. So, for those of you with that particular gap in your knowledge, I give you… The Lungfish!

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Tips on Venomous Snakes

If you inject a venomous snake with anti-venom, when it bites you, water comes out. Ironically, the most playful and loving of all snakes is the Death Adder. Herpetologists think that snake venom evolved from gastric juices, because nothing dissolves food into a nutritive slurry like neurotoxin. A snake is just as afraid of you […]

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