Ol’ Lady Hubbard

[I am SO sorry] Ol’ Lady Hubbard went to her cupboard to get her poor doggy some weed But it turned out the pup had smoked it all up And, left her with one tiny seed. She went to the trailer park to get him some crystal but he acted so crazy she slept with […]

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Grasshopper the Dog

Of all the dogs we had growing up, I loved Grasshopper the most. We called him “Grasshopper” partly because he liked to jump around a lot; but, also because he caused billions of dollars in crop damage each year. Herbicidal abilities of the dog aside, he was one in a million. We got the dog […]

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Possible Reasons My Dog Exploded

Something might’ve gone wrong with his jet-pack… ☺ I over-inflated him. ☺ He got into the pork chop-flavored alka-seltzer that I keep in the medicine cabinet. ☺ I suspect that the animal I trained and nurtured might’ve been a propane tank. That would explain why he hissed instead of barked. ☺ I pulled his pin. […]

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