Thoughts on PANIC

Most of the time that anyone in authority asks people not to panic is just after they’ve told them something sure to evoke panic. The word “panic” is based on the name of the Roman god of wine, Pan. You understand its origins when you note the reactions of a get-together of middle-aged ladies who […]

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How to Avoid a Doggy’s Bite

For starters, don’t use cologne that smells like bratwurst or kibble, no matter how much it drives the women wild. If you look a lot like a cat, try to make facial expressions that cats are not capable of like concern or empathy. We all know that dogs bite when they smell fear; however, they […]

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Stupid Animals: A Poem

  They say pigs are awfully clever but, can they do your taxes? No, never! . They say the smartest birds are crows but, how one got stuck in my chimney nobody knows. . They say an elephant never forgets But, if they were smarter, they’d make better pets. . If a dog were smartes […]

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