My Mystery, Cha Nine

As they walked into Maude’s Inn, Goober Partridge and Kossov Dith gave contented sighs. “What great hamburgers!”, exclaimed Partridge. “And, that coffee!” “And, the onions, fried until almost brown…” “Yum!”, agreed Kossov. There was a pause… “Do you have any Imodium?”, asked the great detective. Kossov opened his case. “I’ll see if there is enough […]

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I am the darkness in that I’m not particularly light. When I see my neighbor, he calls out, “Hey, Charlie… are you still the night?” and I have to remind him that, no, I’m the darkness… because I’M PURE EVIL. Then, the says, “Cool” and invites me over to play cards that night. I accept […]


Thoughts on Dog Tricks

Come When Called: This is probably the first thing you’ll try to teach a dog. REMEMBER: Smart dogs do NOT come when they are called. They are exploring the world. Why should the dog come to you when you call it? It already KNOWS what you smell like. Heel: Training a dog not to move […]

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