A Little Bad Joke

My cousin showed me his dog which was missing one of his front legs. He was so proud. “You see this here dog?”, he told me, “This here’s a yard-dog” “So, he sleeps outside at night?”, I asked. “Naw, he sleeps in the house with me and the wife” “Then, why do you call him […]

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Ask a Genetically-Modified, Bio-Engineered Superintelligent Dog Pt7

Dear Genetically-modified Bio-Engineered Super-Intelligent Dog, What are your thoughts about the recent speculation that they may have found evidence of life on Mars? Cleland in New Zealand Dear Kiwi, That really depends on your definition of “life”. Some might say that people from Philadelphia are alive; but others, having met them, strongly disagree. Suffice to […]

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Questions for the Dog

If anyone has any questions for the Bio-engineered Genetically-modified Superintelligent Dog, this would be the place for it. Just put your question in the comments section and the Dog’s assistants will comb through them and find those worthy of answering.

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Some Thoughts on Eating Dog

If you are going to eventually eat your dog, don’t raise it as a beloved pet because it isn’t polite to play with your food… In dog-eating countries like Vietnam or the Philippines, eating dog might just get you a case of rabies; so, if you don’t want rabies, avoid eating dog in those countries.  […]

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Other Uses for a Shock Collar

If you have a pressing need for an electric eel, you can make one yourself with a lungfish and a shock collar. Shock collars are great for charging your phone all at once. You can use shock collars to execute hamsters who’ve committed capital crimes. Use one to give your child a mild shock every […]

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Thoughts on PANIC

Most of the time that anyone in authority asks people not to panic is just after they’ve told them something sure to evoke panic. The word “panic” is based on the name of the Roman god of wine, Pan. You understand its origins when you note the reactions of a get-together of middle-aged ladies who […]

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