Bells Take their Toll

The most iconic bell in the United States is the Liberty Bell, known for its long crack. The urban myth was that the bell cracked when being rung over and over to celebrate our independence from England; however, the bell actually cracked on its test ringing due to faulty workmanship… another United States icon… The […]

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Fax About Foxes

Foxes are of the family Canidae and genus Vulpes. Of all the canines in the animal kingdom, foxes can be thrown the furthest… ☺ The smallest species of fox weighs about two pounds… the largest weighs in at twenty pounds. So, if you are estimating postage on mailing a bunch of foxes to someone, for […]

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Still More Fun Facts

Everyone knows we have an Attorney General; but, did you know we also have an Attorney Corporal? They handle smaller issues like noise complaints and parking tickets. ▼ The greatest height ever recorded in a man was Robert Wadlow at eight feet eleven inches. The longest man ever recorded was Robert Wadlow when he was […]

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My Mystery, Cha Nine

As they walked into Maude’s Inn, Goober Partridge and Kossov Dith gave contented sighs. “What great hamburgers!”, exclaimed Partridge. “And, that coffee!” “And, the onions, fried until almost brown…” “Yum!”, agreed Kossov. There was a pause… “Do you have any Imodium?”, asked the great detective. Kossov opened his case. “I’ll see if there is enough […]

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