My Mystery, Cha 13

At Scrod Palace, definitely an order of magnitude less popular than the Dyslexic’s Bra and Girl, the two sat and examined what they knew thus far… “From what I can see”, Goober Partridge started, “We have a multitude of crimes to investigate. There’s the untimely murder of Snakeford Cadd; the multiple thefts in Hamshock Manor, […]

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My Mystery, Cha Nine

As they walked into Maude’s Inn, Goober Partridge and Kossov Dith gave contented sighs. “What great hamburgers!”, exclaimed Partridge. “And, that coffee!” “And, the onions, fried until almost brown…” “Yum!”, agreed Kossov. There was a pause… “Do you have any Imodium?”, asked the great detective. Kossov opened his case. “I’ll see if there is enough […]

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Thoughts on Canadian Foods

Poutine: French fries, cheese curds, gravy… kind of like that random list of words that Donald Trump had to memorize to prove he didn’t have dementia. Ever been to a McDonalds, bought some fries and thought to yourself, “this would be a lot better with some cottage cheese on it” Tourtiere: In most countries, when […]

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