New on Television, this Summer…

My Big Fat Heroin-addict Mom: It is, in fact, the reality show to end all reality shows… at least I hope that’s what it does. A woman with a heroin habit and a compulsive eating disorder tries to juggle two kids… probably because she’s so high that she thinks they are oranges. If successful, the […]

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Ways to Eat Steak

Rare:  Really, the only way to eat steak.  I eat it so rare, the steak sometimes tries to talk me out of eating it.  So rare that, if I offered a five second head start, it would take it.  I mean so rare that it is still capable of reproducing.  I could go on. Medium […]

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Thoughts on Cooking

When a chef burns something the term for that is “caramelization”. They say you can substitute a quarter cup of applesauce for an egg when cooking; but, I’ve found it makes a pretty uninspiring omelet. Cut tough meat across the grain. You’ll know which way the grain goes because it will always be the direction […]

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