Love and other bad ideas, pt two

[Part One is Here] “Waiter!”, I called, “a shot of gin with a rabbit embryo floating in it and give the lady whatever she wants” Hands on hips, she admonished me, “We aren’t at a table and rabbit embryos don’t float”. So, she was well-educated and familiar with the specific weights of rabbit embryos. What […]

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Other uses for a zucchini

Zucchini make great cucumber impersonators. Just don’t let it get consumed by the role or it might end up in a pickle jar. ♂♂ If you can get a zucchini to float, you can make one into a toy boat. How do you make a zucchini float? Just put a zucchini, root beer and a […]

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Irritating Facts about Pepper

Black pepper has a high caffeine content; but, that’s not the only reason you couldn’t sleep after your friends got you to eat the contents of a pepper shaker. ♦ There are two differences between white peppercorns and black peppercorns: First, a white peppercorn doesn’t have a skin; second, black peppercorns are less likely to […]

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On Grapefruit Operas

Prop swords are expensive; but, you can gut a grapefruit with just a spoon. ♥ A grapefruit opera is the only type of opera with a full day’s supply of vitamin C. ♥ A dozen grapefruits singing in harmony would be enchanting… I’d imagine… Also a little disturbing… ♥ In a grapefruit opera, you can […]

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