Stuff I’m Good at

Given a choice between two slow-moving lines at the grocery store, I will always manage to choose the line with anthrax. ♠ My shins can unerringly find any coffee table in complete darkness. ♠ I can make my grandma’s famous Million Dollar Salmon Dip… Note: It is famous because of all that botulism afterwards. ♠ […]

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Facts about Shrimp, You Scampis

Shrimp Day is celebrated on May ninth by everyone but shrimp. ☺ All shrimp start off as males but some will eventually change genders…except in waters bordering Republican states. ☺ The average shrimp has ten legs. The above-average shrimp has ten legs and a photographic memory. ☺ In many parts of the world, shrimp are […]

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Fun Facts About Artichokes

[Deb asked for this. Blame her!] Before the sixteenth century, women were forbidden to eat artichokes because of their supposed aphrodisiac qualities. Then, men actually thought about the implications of that. ♥ The artichoke was named the Official Vegetable of Monterrey County in California, replacing the guy who’d been in a coma there since 1993. […]

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