On Grapefruit Operas

Prop swords are expensive; but, you can gut a grapefruit with just a spoon. ♥ A grapefruit opera is the only type of opera with a full day’s supply of vitamin C. ♥ A dozen grapefruits singing in harmony would be enchanting… I’d imagine… Also a little disturbing… ♥ In a grapefruit opera, you can […]

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Watch Me Plug Leeks

Leeks are the perfect vegetable for someone who wants to eat onions but doesn’t like what onions taste like. ֍ On St. David’s Day in Wales it is traditional to wear a leek. Sure, St. David was a great man but he put his leek on one leg at a time like any other Welshman. […]

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What Types of Jerky are there?

Beef: This is the most common jerky. It’s a very dark reddish brown and hard, like something you shouldn’t be eating; in fact, the texture is like no other food and more like a product you might find in a hardware store. Beef jerky may SEEM fibrous, but it will lock up your bowels tighter […]

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