Crazy, But that’s How it Goes

They called me “crazy” when I bought up all that nitrous oxide… but who’s laughing, now? A wise man once told me that there was a fine line between super-intelligent and crazy… at least, I think he was wise. A straight-jacket is proof that crazy is the only mental state with its own line of […]

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The Letter ‘B’: Science

Bismuth: Until 2003, scientists considered bismuth the element with the highest atomic number to be stable; but, they’ve since determined that it is actually radioactive. Slightly… with a half-life of over ten trillion years; so, unless you plan to expose yourself to it until entropy reverses itself and most stars have flickered and gone out, […]

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More Facts on Clowns

A clown performance is classified as “funny, just not very funny”. ☺ Clown’s register their particular makeup… probably so that police can identify them more easily when a group of hikers gets chopped up. ☺ Acrobatics and overstated mime are just two of the things about clowns that make them memorable as that circus act […]

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Notable Breeds of Cattle

Black Angus: Also called “The Aberdeen Angus”, or “Angus” or “The Eastern Striped Lemming”. These cattle were bred to survive the bleak Scottish winters and the slightly less bleak Scottish summers. Angus don’t have horns so they solve most disputes through arbitration. They were bred specifically to be processed into meat and eaten, which only […]

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