Grasshopper the Dog

Of all the dogs we had growing up, I loved Grasshopper the most. We called him “Grasshopper” partly because he liked to jump around a lot; but, also because he caused billions of dollars in crop damage each year. Herbicidal abilities of the dog aside, he was one in a million. We got the dog […]

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Vacation Homes for You to Try

Oceanview-View Beach House: Five bedroom, two bath Cape Hattaras beach house with stunning views of beach houses that have stunning views of the Atlantic ocean. There is a private pool within a few minutes walk that you won’t be allowed into. HBO included. Bring your own television. Bed or Breakfast: You can’t have both. A […]

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So, You’re Trimming a Bush?

Because trimming a bush looks like literally nothing else and some people just have to ask rhetorical questions, here’s a list of sarcastic replies to the question, “Trimming a bush, eh?” No… but that’s exactly what I WANT it to look like. ♥ No. I am one of Her Majesty’s Royal Tree Torturers. ♥ No. […]

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Bitter FAQs about Capers

Where do capers grow? Any of the arid regions around the Mediterranean where there is so little food that people pick flower buds and pickle them because there is little else to eat. How are capers harvested? In the morning they are picked manually by local virgins.  By hand, because they are fragile. In the […]

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