Pointed Facts About Echidnas

The echidna, or “spiny anteater”, is one of the most unique animals in the world.  The most unique is the mosquito-bear who has four lungs and is made of butter, but this isn’t a contest.  The contest already happened and, as I said, the mosquito-bear took first place. What makes the echidna unique? It is […]

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Travlin’ Abroad!

You get a better exchange rate when you use a bank or ATM to convert your American dollars into whatever cheap, colorful and ridiculous currency is being used in the country you are visiting. Make sure you get all necessary vaccinations before traveling to another country.  This means ALL vaccinations because other countries are cesspools […]

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Facts about Gone With the Wind

After shooting, there were eighty-eight hours of film to go through. The editors managed to whittle the movie down to a lean forty hours. Clark Gable wore lifts in Gone with the Wind not so much for the role but to be ready if an impromptu basketball game were to break out. There were 2400 […]

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Why I’m Dating my Wall

The bathroom ceiling rejected me. A wall may become cold and distant, but she’ll never leave me… unless there’s a tornado or something. My wall and I have an active fantasy life. Sometimes, I’ll put a pinup poster on her and pretend she’s load-bearing. Every wall has two sides: The good side… and the horrid […]

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St. John’s Eve

On St. John’s Eve, bonfires are built to repel witches and evil spirits and to attract moths and firemen… Salome caused the death of John the Baptist by dancing for him and then, in lieu of a tip, asked for the Saint’s head to be delivered to her on a platter. Of all of the […]

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Biting Ironies about Crocodiles

Crocodiles can be found on every continent but Europe because there are more places for them to hide in Europe. The Dwarf Crocodile is over six feet long. This isn’t impressive for a crocodile; but, it is pretty impressive for a dwarf. Crocodiles are closely related to birds. So, if you see what you think […]

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Why Ducks Shouldn’t Tap Dance

[I’m not going to tell you who forced me to write on such a ridiculous topic, but her site is right here] It’s frivolous and keeps ducks from doing their real jobs: Selling supplemental health insurance. If they forget to take them off and go home to their ponds afterwards, their tap shoes will drag […]

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