Taste: Bad and Otherwise

There are five taste components: Salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami. Umami was added recently because, without it, food scientists would have to concede that most Japanese food doesn’t taste like food. ֍ The tongue’s taste buds can detect millions of different combinations of flavors. Not bad for something that does most of its work […]

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Terse Llama Gives Medical Advice

Dear Terse Llama, I had a nightmare about a penguin dying on a hot sidewalk in August although it might’ve been a dalmatian or maybe a tablecloth… I’m not an ornithologist. How do I turn this nightmare into a recurring nightmare? It was a little disturbing but I feel that dreaming about penguins will take […]

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If Time Healed All Wounds

[Experimental piece] If time healed all wounds, pharmaceutical companies would’ve already trademarked it. And, given it a cool name like Tempusall. ♪ If time healed all wounds, legislators would find a way to tax it. ♪ If time healed all wounds, some Italian corporation would invent “Deluxe Time” which would cost more than regular time […]

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Articles from Paranoiac Monthly

We Tell You Which Airlines are Spying on You as They Fly Overhead ♦ Twenty-four Indisputable Indicators that Your Family is Slowly Poisoning You ♦ Give the Voices in Your Head the Afternoon Off! ♦ How to See the Facial Expressions Your Boyfriend Makes When he Thinks You aren’t Looking ♦ Covid Vaccines: Which of […]

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