Things You Don’t Want to Step on

Four-sided D&D die: An equilateral pyramid with the point straight up. Can cause stigmata-like injuries for anyone walking to the bathroom in the dark. Dungeons and Dragons never needed a four-sided die. This was created specifically to cripple nerds who don’t keep their rooms neat. Jacks: Jacks are another caltrop disguised as a toy. The […]

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How to Fake Amnesia

Avoid looking nostalgic. ♥ There is a time and a place to fake amnesia. If your wife catches you in bed with another woman, fake a stroke. If you get caught shoplifting, fake a heart attack. If you lose your children’s college money in Atlantic City, fake amnesia. ♥ Someone who has seen WAY too […]

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Abstract Views: A Partial

Abstract: As shown in Parker, Weiss, et al[1]; Franklin, Rodman[2]; and, Ribbit, Ribbit and Hopp[3], liver function values, many of which were found in a discarded nylon stocking, can be mapped against elapsed time measured in drams and plotted logarithmically to form a straight line with a slope of delta-G over the number of times […]

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Facts about Psychiatry

Early psychoanalysts charged very little for their couch sessions; they made most of their money checking for loose change between the cushions after the patient left. ♣ The vast majority of people with mental health problems are no more likely to be violent than any other American… which makes them VERY likely to be violent. […]

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Covid and Vaccine Myths

Garlic can Cure Covid: It is true that garlic can keep you from getting covid if you eat enough of it that no one will want to get close to you; however, the only thing garlic has ever cured is a bland marinara sauce. ♦ Wearing a Face-Mask will Push the Covid Virus into Your […]

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