Pubic Confession

A coworker I am fond of told me that she was having surgery, the next day.  I didn’t ask any questions about it… not because I am an unfeeling sociopath (the usual reason), but because the probable answer was “vagina”. Yeah, it’s a jarring word.  Men don’t like hearing it and women don’t like saying […]

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Lurid Facts about Blood

You have enough blood in your body to feed over seventy-five thousand mosquitoes; knowing this, I imagine you’ll still selfishly keep it to yourself for the most part… Mature red blood cells do not have nuclei. This is why they are constantly being laughed at by amoebae… Dogs have at least twelve blood types. DNA […]

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I Go Dark: Thoughts on Euthanasia

Fatalists have no problem with euthanasia because, if you are euthanized, that is when you were slated to die anyway… unless you weren’t, then you can’t… it’s really quite simple… total acceptance of everything that is happening to people who aren’t you. If you are Catholic, euthanasia is considered suicide and a deadly sin… so, […]

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