Talc of the Town

Thanks, Deb! Talc really sucks at being a rock. It is the softest mineral there is… at the very bottom of the hardness scale. I’ve never seen a news headline with the words, “Man pelted to death by talc”. This hardness deficiency is precisely why it hides in baby powder jars. But, talc has an […]

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Brave New Wet World

The Earth has a lot of geographic features that don’t suck. Gullies for example. You just can’t look at a gully, without smiling. Limestone cliffs are also pretty swell. Bluebirds tend to hover over them. So, don’t get the impression that I hate all of the Earth’s crust. In fact, I let El Roque Chinchaco, […]

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Q and A, Part 2: Science!!!

Like the flu, or junk mail, here is another list that you’ve been given but never asked for.  Do not judge me too harshly… mostly because I can be REALLY vindictive… Q. What species of animal can move the fastest? A. That depends entirely upon how aerodynamic it is and what type of cannon it […]

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