She Told Me (an Exercise)

She told me that I ruined her for other men… well, she actually told me that I ruined men in general for her. She told me that she didn’t hate me one iota; but, then I found out that she hated iotas. She told me that my voice was like honey in her ears in […]

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A Thankless Task

See the above photograph?  Deb sent me that photograph; and, she wants me to “do something” with it.  I could tell her to jump off a bridge, but I don’t think Australia has any bridges, yet, because no one has given them the recipe for one; moreover, insulting Deb would alienate her and she might […]

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Some Thoughts on Courage

[I got this idea from IScriblr.  She may be prettier and more traveled than I am, but she doesn’t have my bald spot] It takes real courage to stand up against the majority; but, the majority is standing up to someone with real courage, so isn’t the majority the most courageous one of all? It […]

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