More Old Stuff: Spears!

Another weapon, known for its earliness, is the spear. The spear came about because you can’t club everything; in fact, some of the larger animals are almost completely immune to a good clubbing. But, most animals have a hard time getting out of bed the next day if all their blood is gone or there […]

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Old Stuff: Pt One

[I’m kind of on vacation this week, so what I’m posting is some of my old stuff from before I had a site] Weapons! With the exception of “balm” and “areola”, is there a sweeter word in the English language? Maybe, but what incentive do I have to find out what they are? Your entertainment? […]

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How Numbers Came to Be

[another excerpt from my book] Until recently, no one knew how the numbers came to be.  Archaeologists assumed that all numbers were discovered at the same time, but that begged the question, “where did they keep them?”. Numbers have been found in a cave in the Holy Land, along with two books of the Talmud […]

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