A big fat juicy limerick

  A forgetful old man of Iraq, wrote poetry books by the stack. His memory was such that sometimes he would forget he was writing poetry entirely and, instead write in a prose form that was both beautiful and lyrical. It flowed from his pen like spring water coming from the depths of the Earth […]

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Stupid Stupid Worms!

After a rain, worms come out for a look then, we grab them and put them on a hook. . Sadly, it is their fate to be bait. . A smarter creature would stay in bed, why does the worm go out instead? . Because a worm will never lorm…  

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Shrink Wrapped!

I see an allure in what they call the “talking cure” . But, psychiatrists, try as they might cannot set things right. . Do I hate my mom or dad– is that why I’m so sad? . Perhaps we should discuss my ego, id or animus. . But, all the sessions that I’ve bought have […]

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