Stupid Animals: A Poem

  They say pigs are awfully clever but, can they do your taxes? No, never! . They say the smartest birds are crows but, how one got stuck in my chimney nobody knows. . They say an elephant never forgets But, if they were smarter, they’d make better pets. . If a dog were smartes […]

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Karma’s a Bitch: A Poem

I saw a child living in squalor so I gave her a dollar. . I saw a homeless woman, barely alive so I gave her a five. . I met a poor old man whose health wasn’t good I told him that I “understood”. . When evil fortune took people unawares, I tried to repel […]

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Beware! Skunk Poem

When I got drunk and teased a skunk the aftermath was a bath where I got water in my ear and could no longer hear so, I paid a hundred dollars for a nurse to flush out the gunk. I cannot help but blame that skunk…

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A Poem and an Announcement

Another hundred followers and you know what that means:  Another chapter of The Moosehead Stratagem.  Love it or hate it, this is the last chapter I wrote so it will be moot afterwards.  It might be moot, now.  I’ll check the meter…   Holistic Meds and Anti-Vax Dreads Some people prefer to meditate instead of […]

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A Political Poem

  Expectations .   When George Bush created NAFTA We eagerly anticipated what might come afta . When Bill Clinton attended an economic summit we were sure that some good might come from it . And, when Obama met with leaders of other nations the possibilities were only bounded by our imaginations . But, when […]

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