Stupid Animals: A Poem


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They say pigs are awfully clever

but, can they do your taxes? No, never!


They say the smartest birds are crows

but, how one got stuck in my chimney nobody knows.


They say an elephant never forgets

But, if they were smarter, they’d make better pets.


If a dog were smartes

He’d quote Descartes.


Not one of them has the brain

to know when to come out of the rain.


Only we people have deep thoughts within our interior

so we can treat other animals as our inferior…


We laugh at our stupid animal friends and then laugh some more

despite our own pollution, global warming and the threat of nuclear war…

20 thoughts on “Stupid Animals: A Poem

  1. If ignorance were bliss, Trump wouldn’t continually be blowing his top. Therefore, Trump is a continuously erupting, topless volcano. If he doesn’t become extinct soon, we’re doomed!

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