The Grasshopper Who Vacationed

[This one is Deb’s fault… unless you like it, then it was ALL MY IDEA!!!] Many many years ago, just after the Age of Legends and right before the Age of Unbelievable Bullshit, a grasshopper was feeling overwhelmed. His day to day grind of eating tomato plants and scaring five year old girls was finally […]

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Q and A on Marine Life

[Most questions taken from Google results] Q. What is the deepest fish in the ocean? A. Physically, the deepest fish ever caught was Abyssobrotula galatheae, at a depth of over five miles. Philosophically, the deepest fish was an unnamed haddock off the coast of Chile who wrote a five volume work on the metaphysics of […]

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Facts about Cuba

Cuba is a large island nation with a land area that rivals many of our states; in fact, if Cuba were laid on top of Pennsylvania, many Pennsylvanians would die needlessly. ☻ On New Year’s Eve, Cubans burn dolls in order to symbolize forgetting bad times like that time when you were a kid and […]

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