Grasshopper the Dog

Of all the dogs we had growing up, I loved Grasshopper the most. We called him “Grasshopper” partly because he liked to jump around a lot; but, also because he caused billions of dollars in crop damage each year. Herbicidal abilities of the dog aside, he was one in a million. We got the dog […]

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The Ant Who was Full of Himself

Once upon a time there was an ant who felt that he was “all that and a bag of chips… with a Michael Jordan bobble-head thrown in for free”. The rest of the world was united in having the exact opposite opinion. The ant was unremarkable. The ant would go into his boss’ office and […]

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Why I Had a Tiger Prepare My Taxes

Tigers are solitary creatures so it is unlikely he’ll be sharing my personal information with any of his friends. ♠ Human tax preparation can charge as much as three hundred dollars; whereas, a tiger can be paid in goat carcasses. ♠ No matter how poorly a human prepares your taxes, it is illegal to shoot […]

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