A Swarm of Locust FAQs

How large are locust swarms? The locust swarms can be up to eighty million locusts in number. To get an idea how large a swarm that is, imagine a single locust; then, imagine eighty million times that. Ṑ How fast can locust swarms move? With a good wind, about twelve mph. If the wind is […]

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A Wee Little Fish

I didn’t have anything ready for today, so here’s one I did many years ago before I had a website. If you have a beef about it, it’s with old Charlie, not the new Charlie, who is ironically, the older Charlie… The Sapid Deception of the Tiger Oscar

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Thoughts on Dog Tricks

Come When Called: This is probably the first thing you’ll try to teach a dog. REMEMBER: Smart dogs do NOT come when they are called. They are exploring the world. Why should the dog come to you when you call it? It already KNOWS what you smell like. Heel: Training a dog not to move […]

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