Facts about Shrimp, You Scampis

Shrimp Day is celebrated on May ninth by everyone but shrimp. ☺ All shrimp start off as males but some will eventually change genders…except in waters bordering Republican states. ☺ The average shrimp has ten legs. The above-average shrimp has ten legs and a photographic memory. ☺ In many parts of the world, shrimp are […]

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Why My Stuffed Animals Hate Me

[Deb asked me to write on the above photo. I have… so now we are EVEN] I might have switched some of their heads in an attempt to make a Beanie Baby with the speed and intelligence of a stuffed zebra. ☼ I occasionally use them as oven mitts. ☼ Sometimes, when I’ve had a […]

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A Million Typewriters

[This one was tougher than it looks so be kind] If you had a million monkeys typing on a million typewriters for a million years, eventually, one of them would write Hamlet. But, Hamlet’s already been written so it might be better to use your monkeys and typewriters for something else. ֎ If you had […]

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