One More Rotten Poem

Yeah… I really can’t stop making these.  But, on the plus side, I’ve got all my posts for next week written. The Memory is the First Thing to Go     Is my mind going? Is my mental decline showing? My mind was once sharp and keen but, now I can’t remember where I’ve been […]

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Two Dumb Poems

Potato Salad   My potato salad is pretty bland but I make it all by hand. And, it isn’t my fault That my mom never taught me to use salt. No onions, spices or flavor of any kind the product of an uninspired mind. But, I find all your complaints invalid so let me enjoy […]

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A Poem

[Too depressed to write this week… but…] Shelter in place but give each other space and don’t tell your wife she has a face like a horse or she’ll want a divorce and she’ll journey to her attorney and you’ll be stuck in the house with her and rejected and she’ll probably also be infected

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