How to Discourage Your Poet

[Thanks to Deb for inadvertently giving me the idea. Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!] Hide their rhyming dictionary. ◊ Avoid inspiring them. Keep them away from clouds, Grecian urns and especially flammable tigers. ◊ Get a doctor’s note. “Sorry sweetheart, but I can’t listen to your poetry, today. Doctor says one more rhyme might kill […]

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Ol’ Lady Hubbard

[I am SO sorry] Ol’ Lady Hubbard went to her cupboard to get her poor doggy some weed But it turned out the pup had smoked it all up And, left her with one tiny seed. She went to the trailer park to get him some crystal but he acted so crazy she slept with […]

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Great Milestones in Poetry

Second Millennia B.C.E – Gilgamesh tells the story of two brothers. One god-like and the other bestial. It was later adapted for television as The Odd Couple. ♦ Eighth Century B.C.E. – Homer writes the Odyssey and the Iliad. Homer was, by most accounts, blind and illiterate, so he had to memorize the entire work […]

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Sadly, More Poems

We’re Done For! Someone took my calendar and they removed all instances of the seventh day. Last Saturday I took a look and my entire body shook Because, I realized to my sorrow there was no tomorrow. What Every Child Wants You to Know It’s obscene the amount of effort is takes to stay clene […]

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