A Sight for Sore Guys

I’m sorry I said that you were “a sight” just after you’d been up all night. I realize that my remark on your aesthetic was as welcome as candy to a diabetic. You hadn’t even brushed your hair and your face had no makeup thair. I know now that if I’d waited You’d have been […]

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I’m NOT Sorry

[Don’t blame me.  Deb and Robyn made me do this one] I’m not sorry I finally screwed up the courage to tell your wealthy aunt what I thought of her. I AM sorry she was on the toilet when I did it… ♥ I’m not sorry I gave you my honest opinion of your latest […]

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Your Philosophy Annoys Me (a Poem)

Your attempts to be existential are stupid and provincial and your persistence in justifying your own existence by invoking Sartre is putting the horse before the cartre And, even though I respect Camus I can’t see what he has to do with yus If we discuss philosophy any more there’s the door. Because, if I […]

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One More Rotten Poem

Yeah… I really can’t stop making these.  But, on the plus side, I’ve got all my posts for next week written. The Memory is the First Thing to Go     Is my mind going? Is my mental decline showing? My mind was once sharp and keen but, now I can’t remember where I’ve been […]

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