Great Milestones in Poetry

Second Millennia B.C.E – Gilgamesh tells the story of two brothers. One god-like and the other bestial. It was later adapted for television as The Odd Couple. ♦ Eighth Century B.C.E. – Homer writes the Odyssey and the Iliad. Homer was, by most accounts, blind and illiterate, so he had to memorize the entire work […]

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Sadly, More Poems

We’re Done For! Someone took my calendar and they removed all instances of the seventh day. Last Saturday I took a look and my entire body shook Because, I realized to my sorrow there was no tomorrow. What Every Child Wants You to Know It’s obscene the amount of effort is takes to stay clene […]

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Two More Stupid Poems

The Annoying Ant One Autumn I got an ant bite on my bottom while looking for my father’s hatchet and I was afraid to scratchet. A Short History Lesson When I was in school we studied some old geezer named “Julius Ceezer”. He easily defeated Gaul Alesians and all. But, he tried to steal the […]

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