Ol’ Lady Hubbard

Stoner Dog | Know Your Meme

[I am SO sorry]

Ol’ Lady Hubbard went to her cupboard to get her poor doggy some weed

But it turned out the pup

had smoked it all up

And, left her with one tiny seed.

She went to the trailer park to get him some crystal

but he acted so crazy she slept with her pistol.

She went to the Southside to get him some rock

he put on a suit and went out to buy stock.

She went to the night club to get him some Ex

he took it and suddenly had to rush out and get sex.

She purchased some acid from a cousin named Lloyd

The dog dropped a tab and was one with the void.

Ol’ Lady Hubbard bought so many drugs she was turning into quite the cynic

The doggy was stabler

than his owner/enabler

So, he checked them both into a clinic.

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