Book Excerpt Part One

[This is an excerpt from a book-length project that I’m working on] “I’d give you a hit off of this but I think you’re high enough already”, the flightless bird told me. He didn’t look like a flightless bird. He looked like Marlon, the guy from school who dressed like he was in the glee […]

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Ol’ Lady Hubbard

[I am SO sorry] Ol’ Lady Hubbard went to her cupboard to get her poor doggy some weed But it turned out the pup had smoked it all up And, left her with one tiny seed. She went to the trailer park to get him some crystal but he acted so crazy she slept with […]

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Why My Stuffed Animals Hate Me

[Deb asked me to write on the above photo. I have… so now we are EVEN] I might have switched some of their heads in an attempt to make a Beanie Baby with the speed and intelligence of a stuffed zebra. ☼ I occasionally use them as oven mitts. ☼ Sometimes, when I’ve had a […]

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