Why Marijuana will Never Replace Alcohol

6 ways to replace wine (and other alcohol) with cannabis

Because sometimes you just feel the need to vomit for twenty minutes and then sleep on the bathroom floor.

You can’t make marijuana in a prison toilet.

If your child accidentally ingests pot, he could become very anxious; whereas, if your child drinks your liquor, the worst that can happen is he’ll crash his Big Wheel and maybe take a swing at you.

Pot makes you feel so good it is practically hedonism. Alcohol comes with its own punishment… usually delivered the next morning…

You’ll never see anyone patiently scrape, collect and smoke anything from a beer can.

The smell of pot attracts hippies; the only things the smell of alcohol attracts is toxic sexual partners and humorless cops.

Unlike weed, alcohol makes you adventurous in a fool-hardy sort of way… going to places you’d never go to sober and urinating on them.

Weed smokers will never know the joys of cirrhosis.

Alcohol-drinkers don’t waste their time writing stupid lists.

People use pot to avoid confronting their problems. People use alcohol to create those problems.

12 thoughts on “Why Marijuana will Never Replace Alcohol

  1. It’s been so cool her today C. The police climbed over our back fence on suspicion that our new neighbours had set up a methamphetamine lab. They made Steve the drug dealer across the road look tame

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