Facts About Washington State

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Washington is the only state named after a president because Tennessee Williams just couldn’t get himself elected…

There is an active volcano in Washington known as “Mount Saint Helens”. Volcanoes are a lot like regular mountains except regular mountains are formed by tectonic plates colliding and they don’t randomly explode.

Starbucks was founded in Washington state in 1971. Its founder spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out how he could open a coffee shop; and, the rest of us spent many sleepless nights after using their product.

Although not born in or from Washington, Bruce Lee and his son are both buried in Washington State. No reason… just that the ground is a little softer there.

Washington state is the largest producer of apples in the country. Fun fact: Most people when given a choice between an apple and any other fruit will choose the other fruit… expect kiwi fruit, but, I strongly suspect kiwi fruit is just crocodile eggs.

Some visitors complain that the weather in Washington state is “too damned cold”; but, residents contend that any complaints about the climate are due to confusion from hypothermia.

Washington state entered the union in 1889 as a safe haven for Canadians who’d wandered into Idaho and needed someplace to flee to.

Washington state is home to many Native tribes including the Suquamish, the Yakama, the Tulalip and the Muckleshoot… Although Muckleshoot might be just a word that W. C. Fields came up with.

Washington calls itself, “The Pine Tree State”… presumably after giving it as little thought as possible.

The Great Seattle Fire occurred in 1889 and it was the city’s worst fire in that it destroyed most of the core business center… over thirty city blocks. Some witnesses claimed that unattended glue pots in a basement may have started the conflagration… the police didn’t believe them but they all stuck to that story.

21 thoughts on “Facts About Washington State

  1. There’s a town in Washington state they calla Walla Walla,
    Which lost a funny name contest by a nose to Tacomaroma.
    Still, to call either place my home-a,
    I’d Sooner do than live in Oklahoma.

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