A Poem About Dead Actors

I was watching the Guns of Navarone, (the movie’s still here but its actors are gone) . Don Adams, Dean Martin and Shirley Booth Gone are the actors of my youth . I’ve even lost Anthony Quinn (I loved him in whatever that thing was he was in) . So, I sit here bereft because […]

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Stupid Animals: A Poem

  They say pigs are awfully clever but, can they do your taxes? No, never! . They say the smartest birds are crows but, how one got stuck in my chimney nobody knows. . They say an elephant never forgets But, if they were smarter, they’d make better pets. . If a dog were smartes […]

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William Burroughs: A Hate Poem

I’d rather have my nose stuffed with churros Than read William Burroughs. They told me his voice Resembled James Joyce And, that was true enough If Joyce was into porn, feces and snuff His was the only book I ever buyed That I felt compelled to hide So, thanks a bunch For Naked Lunch

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A Poem: The Mind of a Skeptic

Valley Forge consisted of an imaginary Washington and an army that never existed. . Is the Earth flat? I certainly believe that. . The landing on the moon was faked (and I’ll have proof soon). . Will I be immunized by a shot? I certainly will not… . At a very large cost Hitler faked […]

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