Two More Stupid Poems

ant | Facts & Habitat | Britannica

The Annoying Ant

One Autumn

I got an ant bite on my bottom

while looking for my father’s hatchet

and I was afraid to scratchet.

Julius Caesar Summary and Study Guide

A Short History Lesson

When I was in school we studied some old geezer

named “Julius Ceezer”.

He easily defeated Gaul

Alesians and all.

But, he tried to steal the Roman throne

which he should’ve left well alone.

His last words were a beauty:

Et tu, Breauty?”

13 thoughts on “Two More Stupid Poems

      1. I own a book of humorous poetry that I used to read to my kids. It has Ogden Nash and Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear among others. To this day, my oldest still remembers a lot of them and he’s nearly thirty. We were quoting the Walrus and the Carpenter the other day…


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