More Old Stuff: Spears!

Another weapon, known for its earliness, is the spear. The spear came about because you can’t club everything; in fact, some of the larger animals are almost completely immune to a good clubbing. But, most animals have a hard time getting out of bed the next day if all their blood is gone or there […]

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Life Hacks…Then Spits

You can save money on window cleaner by mixing some vinegar and water in a spray bottle and using that solution to clean your windows. You can save even more money by NOT cleaning your windows… because, when a window gets dirty enough to become opaque, it simply becomes a wall… When you travel, wrap […]

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Dirty Cracks About Soap

Soap has been around for nearly five thousand years. The discovery that the Mesopotamians made soap revolutionized the way people thought about soap… especially in regards to Mesopotamia. The name “soap” was derived from Mount Sapo. Heat, ash and fat from animal sacrifices created a liquid soap that ran into a nearby river. Women washing […]

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