New Years Resolutions

I resolve to think before I act. Well, actually I haven’t resolved to do that yet, but I’m considering it. I resolve to take the CPR dummy I keep in my closet out for a night on the town. Imagine the look on her face! I resolve to give the people in my life the […]

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Employ These Job Interview Tips

Wear a nice suit, neutral colors and a silk tie; because, nothing indicates that you are a crackerjack spot-welder more than your dressing like an earl. Be ready with three references whose voices you can easily mimic on the phone. Don’t be late.  In fact, get there early… like a day early.  Sleep in one […]

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ASSk the ASStrologer

[Jenny is an ASStrologer and serves New York’s five burros] Dear ASSk the ASStrologer, My boyfriend and I want to get married.  Unfortunately, he’s playing hard to get, even going so far as hiring a fake “fiancée” to date him, sleep with him and make wedding plans for next June.  It’s obvious he isn’t going […]

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