How to Discourage Your Poet

[Thanks to Deb for inadvertently giving me the idea. Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!] Hide their rhyming dictionary. ◊ Avoid inspiring them. Keep them away from clouds, Grecian urns and especially flammable tigers. ◊ Get a doctor’s note. “Sorry sweetheart, but I can’t listen to your poetry, today. Doctor says one more rhyme might kill […]

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Thanksgiving Hacks

Make your turkey a week ahead of time, then eat it and tell everyone Thanksgiving is canceled. ☼ Hors d’oeuvres can be made easily and quickly if you have Greek olives, Gryere cheese, crackers and an experienced chef who knows what to do with those things. ☼ Salad can be made faster if you break […]

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Why You Should Have a Home Birth

If you give birth at home, you’ll be able to sign for any packages that might arrive. ♣ With a home birth, the mother can go through the natal experience in a familiar and comforting space which she will forever associate with the worst pain she’s ever endured. ♣ With a home birth, all those […]

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