Google Science Questions

[If you search for answers in Google, it often shows “related questions”. I have answered some of these questions and you are welcome] What would happen if I touch a star? With most visible stars, you’d burn up immediately; however, you CAN touch a brown dwarf… just get his permission, first. Will humans ever reach […]

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Fireworks Safety Tips

Light fireworks on a flat non-flamable area within range of your neighbor’s garden shed… not THAT neighbor… the one who didn’t invite you to his barbecue three years ago. ☺ Use caution-tape to keep people away from the fireworks launch site no matter how hilarious their frenzied dancing is when their jeans catch on fire. […]

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Forest Fire Safety Tips

Stay calm! Nothing deters a deadly wall of fire like serenity. ֎ Go to an area free of vegetation, like the banks of a river or anywhere in West Texas. ֎ Call 911. If they can’t help you, call 912. ֎ If you can see an already burnt out area through the flames, douse yourself […]

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