What We Learned from Terminator 2

Terminators are like antacids: The liquid ones are way more effective than the solid ones. ♂ The cheaper terminators come with thick Austrian accents. ♂ Terminators tend to arrive at little used, low-population industrial areas so they don’t attract attention. Then, they walk into a bar with no clothes on and beat up everyone in […]

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A Covid Rant

I noticed, to my great surprise, that I recently recorded three 1960’s Italian science fiction movies; this would’ve hardly been surprising if I liked 1960’s Italian science fiction films or could remember more than five minutes ago; but, I prefer my science fiction without a bossa nova sound track. And, there’s the slapping. For some […]

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Mystery of the Mummy’s Cell Phone

Wiggly Adams was exasperated. “They still haven’t broken through the wall. These are the laziest workers I’ve ever hired” Professor Colin Winston chuckled warmly, “You’re the one who had to save money by hiring fewer whippers” “Well, the people I hired to whip the workers aren’t whipping hard enough. Perhaps if I hire someone to […]

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