Nineteen Sixties Sex Comedies

1960’s sex comedies were light-hearted and sometimes even wacky movies that had literally no sex in them. Doris Day starred in several of these comedies… often with Rock Hudson, who later turned out to be a homosexual. I feel that it created a sort of sexual tension that you wouldn’t get with two heterosexual actors. […]

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Movies I Hate

Terms of Endearment:  A “chick-flick” to end all chick-flicks… if only that were true. As if I needed ANOTHER reason to hate Shirley Maclaine. The lead actress has a voice lower than mine… all the female characters are crazy, adulterous and self righteous and the lead female character dies at the end… YES I SPOILED […]

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Facts about Gone With the Wind

After shooting, there were eighty-eight hours of film to go through. The editors managed to whittle the movie down to a lean forty hours. Clark Gable wore lifts in Gone with the Wind not so much for the role but to be ready if an impromptu basketball game were to break out. There were 2400 […]

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