What We Learned from Terminator 2

Terminator 2 Video Games Revisited - Sci-Fi Horror Game Review

Terminators are like antacids: The liquid ones are way more effective than the solid ones.

The cheaper terminators come with thick Austrian accents.

Terminators tend to arrive at little used, low-population industrial areas so they don’t attract attention. Then, they walk into a bar with no clothes on and beat up everyone in the place until they find an outfit in their size.

If you have the wherewithal to send a terminator to protect your younger self, you should at least pass the message onto your younger self to BE LESS OBNOXIOUS.

If you are a woman locked inside a mental hospital, you may not get raped, but your face WILL get licked.

Keep a lot of little jars on you at all time so, when the liquid terminator freezes and shatters, you can jar the pieces and keep it away from itself.

For guys who like strong women, Linda Hamilton pumping a shotgun with one arm is essentially porn.

Deus ex machina is Latin for “Big tanker truck of liquid nitrogen”.

In the future, the few humans left will be smart enough to create time machines but not smart enough to understand that sending anyone back is time won’t change their present. Better to make one BIG time machine, put all the remaining humans into it and GO TO WHEN THERE AREN’T ANY TERMINATORS.

Robots may not have emotions but they are capable of simulating emotion to please a human interacting with it. So, they are pretty much like most people…

14 thoughts on “What We Learned from Terminator 2

  1. “Robots may not have emotions but they are capable of simulating emotion to please a human interacting with it.”

    Can you stop spilling facts about me, please? Thank you.


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