Things You Can Say that Will Have the Opposite Effect

How to Persuade Almost Anyone |

Don’t shoot me, I’m a conceptual artist!”

If the lot of you aren’t out of this house in five seconds I’m going to have to serve you cake”

Stick around ’cause I’ll be playing some tracks from my new album”

Drop the gun! I’m making a citizen’s arrest”

If you do your chores without complaining you’ll get the pleasure of knowing you helped out your mom”

If I can kill a snitch in the exercise yard with half a ball-point pen, then I’m more than capable of watching your children while you are at the movies”

Dad, would you buy me a car? I’m tired of walking home drunk”

Trust me, I’m a lawyer”

If you give me five dollars, I’ll wrestle with you right here on the sidewalk”

Marry me… because I really HATE my job and can’t cook for myself”

Look, let’s have sex and if it turns out you don’t like it, I’ll take it back”

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