Random Thoughts with Beer and Brats

1960 George Pal - "The Time Machine" (Morlocks excerpt) - YouTube

If I had a time machine, I’d throw Donald Trump into it, spin the dial to the distant future and then he’d be the Morlocks’ problem…

If I told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: I DON’T REPEAT MYSELF!!!

All my life, I’ve had to fight and struggle to get everything I have… mostly because the original owners put up such a fight.

When you are depressed enough to want to shoot yourself but too depressed to expend the effort of getting a gun, that is what psychologists call, “The Sweet Spot”…

I came out as bisexual once but being rejected by two genders turned out to be pretty soul-crushing.

A penny costs two cents to make so a profitable business would be making and selling pennies… as long as you aren’t paid in pennies.

Suicide is never the answer… unless the question is, “What will make all of my problems magically go away?”

The Bible says, “If thine right eye offend thee pluck it out”. So, when my right eye made some cutting remark about how I dressed, I yanked it out of its socket. Then, it turns out my right eye was talking about SOMEONE ELSE. Should I put the eye in some ice or is it just a lost cause?

My children call me a “fraud” partly because they have an innate need to rebel against their parents and partly because I sold them that swampland in Florida.

Sister Anne worked at the convent for sixty years and was by all accounts a fine woman and I regret tackling her.

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